Monday, January 07, 2008

leon & the peoples - the road less traveled


oh word? you doin music now? really? you dont say! its all reggae infused soulful styled too? you sure you wanna saing ole eddie kane?!? i guess if a nigga play a singer enough in the movies then well, he can sing? shit, lets just hope the cast of ER dont open a hospital.

the snippets (linked in the photo posted) are bad. not horrible, but middle of the road "you really didnt have to do this now did you? i mean most actors just go to off broadway in their post peaking period" bad

the stuff i see online...

- remember terrance howard was droppin an album? back when he was the media darling and he showed up to sixty minutes, guitar in tow and sang some folksy, bluesy, catfish jenkins soundin shit?
- remember omar epps was droppin an album? did that happen?
- remember mekki phifer was droppin an album? i wonder would he have that 8 mile wig on for the cover shoot.


bananaclipse(3.0) said...

Wow, I'm astonished

Sandy said...

Why yes, Leon and the Peoples... NYc mainstays on the underground soul/reggae scene.


I've seen his show twice... against my will.

He's still out there peddling his group.

I'll send you a cd.

Donald Williams said...

oh this is not new?
like does this predate his acting?


CresceNet said...

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sophistiphunk said...

laughing out loud @ th 8 mile wig.
why? whyyyyyyyyyyyy? oh LOL!

Anonymous said...

Leon & The Peoples were nominated for a International Reggae & World Music Award last year and Won for best International band. Check the CD reviews. It's a band not just Leon, it isn't a solo project. I saw them at the House of Blues in LA & a few times after that. Their really good!! Stop hating people, if you don't know, then be positive!!!

E. Evans