Sunday, January 06, 2008


so for the past month i have been pondering what would happen if i put a whole egg in the microwave, but after shutting down the university of cincinnati's student center by putting aluminum foil in the microwave i swore to never microwave random objects again. i damn near set the thing on fire and all the power on the bottom floor went out.

well god bless youtube because sure enought i found that and a whole lot more. apparently the world is filled with people are are just as inquisitive as me and dont mind possibly fucking up their microwave. so i present to you random microwaved objects!

cd in the microwave

light bulb in the microwave

soap in the microwave

furby in the microwave

lit matches in the microwave

grape in the microwave?!


bananaclipse(3.0) said...

but what about the egg?

YdS said...

what banana said.

Donald Williams said...

the egg was boring. it just explodes. just like i thought. so i did post it lol

randy said...

they should do what they did to the grape to the four matches

and the soap looked cool too

Anonymous said...

This would be better if it was videos of you doing the experiments in your own home.

amanda said...

I had no idea soap would do that.
That's cool.
And did the lightbulb really just...turn on? I had no idea.

thatdudedave said...

the soap and matches are the best

ms. swifty said...

i think george & i are going to try the soap experiement. we only have Lever soap though... stay tuned.

bitty said...

i'm surprised i didn't know more about the grape..never thought it would do all that in the microwave

you stoopid don

Donald Williams said...


can i come over when yall do it? or will it be one of those *ahem* fun nights

Mica (from okp, that is) said...

OH SHIT! Me and my friend had a falling out cause i microwaved keebler cookies still in the package.

who knew that shit had aluminum in it?!?!?! her white microwave was black when i got done with it.

this is by far your best post.

DigitalDuck said...

I put foil in the microwave.... twice. The frozen beef/cream cheese caught fire but I saw it in time and the microwave was saved... huzzah.

Rosemary said...;_ylt=ApOcd8UQFBp7uyfbd.SolOWhOrgF

Umm not quite the same, but dude really microwaved his hand!!!