Tuesday, January 08, 2008

ny state of mind (c) nas


- while we have this spell of oddly warm weather i hung out in bryant park today. you cant notice it in the photo but the ice skating rink is covered by a sheet of water. this made watching ppl take the L (get it) THAT much more fun. like where as they would usually just tumble to the hard ice and get up a lil powdery, fam niggas was steppin off with piss puddles on em. it was awesome.

- there is also this guy on the corner of 42nd and 6th that has a small army of cats, dogs and rabbits that he has posed on some pedestal like thing in front of the starbucks. this guy is strange an i still havent figured out what the animals do besides nothing when its warm and shiver when its cold. either way he draws a crowd and i tend to be in the crowd, alot :/

- while in said crowd some guy randomly asks me do i liek to eat some strange animal meat. he had a thick accent and he kept telling me how tender and white it was. come to think of it he was pointing at the mans animal circus... :(

- lastly on the train today i though the lil window i saw a couple making out on a VERY crowded train. they were sitting and well the guy was kinda leaned over like his girl was tellin him something and she was tonguing his ear DOWn! it was kind of amazing cus they aint care who was watching (namely me and i was staring hard!) but yeah that shit was nice

- sleepin on the train is definitely an art and i think i may have mastered it. think..

*i would talk about suburban sprawl right now but meh... wait for it. fuck imma blog about music for? lol


Fresh Daily said...

"it was kind of amazing cus they aint care who was watching (namely me and i was staring hard!) but yeah that shit was nice"

u are a pervert. certified. piper pied. cant be denied.

dondub said...

nigga i KNOW you aint talkin...HAHAHA

i was half sleep and it was 8am, who was more at fault in this situation? lol...


amanda said...

LOL @ piss puddles.

so I'm not the only one that gets a twisted sense of entertainment from stuff like that?

I wish I could show you some of my old cheerleading videos. There are some GOOD falls on those. And the little outfits just make it that much better.

SAndy said...

DOn't encourage his Pervy behavior, Mandy.

thatdudedave said...

watching cheerleaders fall in little ass outfits..is almost as pervy as watching people kiss in pubic!

where are the videos amanda? lol

randy said...

lol at mastering sleeping on a train, ive watched this guy nod off and on for like a half hour and would almost drop his cell each time, but never put it in his pocket, until that shit finally fell. i was so entertained waiting for it to happen, he coulda slept so much sounder if he had just put his phone away.

Canela_NYC said...

Hom sub gwai = pervert in Cantonese


Donald Williams said...

you really gonna just call me a perv like that?

thats whats hot yvette?