Monday, December 31, 2007

there is something so soothing about this clip

this nigga definitely aint got baby sickness. he threatened to kick your kids in teh face man. hilarious


amanda said...

I wanna eat your children...praise be to Allah?

that doesn't go together.

I hear this clip.

"can I at least get a blow job?!"

amanda said...

meant to say I "heart" this clip.

amanda said...

meant to say I "heart" this clip.

ultramag said...

Ho-ly sh*t, Don.

You have outDONE yourself!

Who knew that in this lifetime, one could witness something that was disturbingly psychotic and utterly fking hilarious at the same time?!?!?

"I normally don't do interviews with womenzz unless I fornicate with them. So you should stop talking now. Unless you..wanna...yaknow."

Anyhoo, thanks for the laugh. Have a Happy New Year and all that festive sh*t.

*commence to drankin*