Sunday, December 30, 2007

the most awesome xmas gift evar

I aint even know homie had an endorsement deal. My aunt gives the most random gifts and she dug this thing up from somewhere in her basement.

I bet it don't work but tell me this shit isn't amazing. A battery powered hulk hogan blender? and its tiny, like the size of a biggie sized wendy's drink.

I am so winning right now. Admit it, you are jealous.

Nyc here I come..


Layle McFatridge said...

On Hogan Knows Best he said he missed the call from the promotion guy for the Grill, ie. George Forman Grill, so he stuck with the blender. :) He was pissed. Then he did an infomercial about some other kind of 'grill.' Pretty funny.

Donald Williams said...

are you serious?


telephonebooth said...

Oh my damn.. I want your aunt.

Canela_NYC said...

Tell your aunt to holler at me if she has any of these lying around:

Iron Sheik figure:

Preferably in the box unopened. Thanks! ;-)