Monday, December 31, 2007

put lead in ya ass an have a cup of tea* (c) greg nice

its a long way to the top

i got dressed today on some 'im gonna wear a sweater and that turned into puttin a button down on under it which turned into, hey ill wear a tie too and that made me want to put on some better jeans and find different shoes and well it just fuckign turned into a costume party. it looked nice, hell i even went outside for like 15 minutes and drove to the gas station en route to target to do some preliminary shopping.

but on the way there something happened like midway there i turned the car around, came home and took all that costumy shit off. i may put it back on tonight but thats not the point. the point is i procrastinate too much. way too fucking much. typing this blog is actually probably me procrastinating since my point in coming home was to record my verses for finale, tanya morgan, bullion, etc... (i got ALOT of rapping i need to do) well im really kinda scared my cpu wont record right nad i dont wanna feel the disappointment of realizing i cant record at home anymore so im kinda scared to try and see if my setup is working.

rambling, thats me rambing. and when you ramble visually you can fool yourself into thinking you are organizing your thoughts instead of just talking to yourself. shit me being online is kinda the equivalent of shuffling papers around on your desk at work and trying to look busy. some days i fool myself into thinking im doing something work related. other days i simply sit here and poke around the same 4 sites online. literally. the same four fucking websites. all day. its torturous. but its kinda like okay...

check your email,
listen to beats, want to record, look at your workstation cluttered, think about how you need to clean up bad, prioritze the importance of cleaning vs rapping, check your blog, read up on new music, hear new music, want to record, think about writing new songs, feel uninspired, watch tv, check your email...

i mean this can go on for hours and days and years. thats word to 2007.

these life occasions have a way of making you feel like you need to say something profound or reassess your life or tally up a years worth of goals you either have or havent accomplished. im not even gonna really do all that tho, not here not now. maybe tomorrow. maybe. but for the time being im just going to work harder. i gotta push myself harder in other directions because frankly there are no days off in this business. there is ALOT of work to be done.

i dont like resolutions so much as i do slogans. as of right now my slogan is 'prove it' and i got alot to prove.

sappy err.. HAPPY new year yall!

*im making tea, right now


amanda said...

"and when you ramble visually you can fool yourself into thinking you are organizing your thoughts instead of just talking to yourself".

Have a safe night if you do the whole NYE festivities type of thing. Good luck with recording.

Canela_NYC said...

Co-sign, bruh. And that uh, package that I was supposed to put together and send BEFORE Jan. 1st (see blog)? Didn't do it. Blamed it on lack of reliable internet down here. But I have been able to blog, check blogs,, uh...

Yeah good luck on your recording.


thatdudedave said...

happy new year all!

N.ick {of HEAVy} said...

that asterisk should have my name next to it.

happy new year.

nickels said...

i like that: prove it.

i'ma make that one of my guidelines.

bitty said...

i agree with everything you're saying. happy new year :)