Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I got work to do (c) vanessa wiliams

the ARE hard at work in battery studios... you heard the new lil kim single? thats his work

DomYe Westcoast doin what he does best, getting red eyes from camera flashes

von pea and che grand plottin on them beats the ARE was playin

in other music news 88keys and tanya morgan round two is being cooked up as we speak. we already had the beat for a minute but he gotta put the hook on there so thats the hold up. i just got off the phone with him and we talked for about an hour about everything and nothing at all. the one thing we didnt talk about was the reason i called him, the song and the hook... *SMH*

naledge from kidz n the hall sent his verse to me too. i am currently trying to get the acapella so that we can figure out what project to include the song on. im singin on the hook and von says i sound like jake steed from freaks, hoes and flows. i say he watches too much pron. either way i dont like sounding like that. :/

its been a long day... i plan on having longer ones soon... :)


Nichole said...

i'm a little smirky that you didn't (c) to the isley brothers.

Donald Williams said...

i have no idea what that means

Shake said...

isley brothers got that (c) too. whatever though. i'm hyped about 88-keys/TM pt2, cuddle bums is my shit.