Tuesday, December 18, 2007

chill for a minute doug e fresh said silence (c) q tip

guess who's comin to dinner...

ive been kinda quiet lately in both cbox and the blog in general
but alot has been gettin done kinda
think i got my cpu back
into recording
will be here
today. he is flying
in right now and i think
we are gonna run over and pick up some
good clothes or something when he
gets in town. maybe even
do an episode of
featuring ilyas
that is if my cpu keeps letting me record
i did a demo last night with a new guy
i really like his stuff
von said it was kinda amazing and i think if von
goes and listens to his myspace player he is gonna
immediately think of wild honey aka get me inside
but yeah work has been getting done
lets just hope it pays
if you center text
make line breaks

it looks and even feeels like poetry

which furthers my theory that all art for arts sake is bullshit
and art made with everyone in mind is not
who is it harder to please?
yourself or everyone else?

nuff said


yDSalle said...

OH the ignorant TALES that I'M VERY sure you're about to live out the next couple of days...

Can't wait to (hopefully) hear bits and pieces about em.

And yes. Art for art sake has a whole other set of rules and regulations.

I'm half awake. I shouldn't comment.

Pea! said...

i dont understand any of this!?!??

Donald Williams said...

this blog entry is on display at the guggenheim


Che Grand said...

i see you don! lol

zftp expo at MoMA coming soon

Filthy said...

next to the torn paper exhibit!!

Donald Williams said...

my next post will be all punctuation no words
like this


Canela_NYC said...

Gallery 151 i way hipper...it's like, the new spot.

Guggenheim = sooo last decade

Maybe the Whitney. Fujiwara goes there when in town...

aeon? said...

this was really deep.

i cried and cut myself repeatedly after the last two stanzas.

amanda said...

in the poignant words of Von Pea...

"i dont understand any of this!?!??"

and WHAT DOES L'CHAIM MEAN! I see it everywhere and have no idea. Does it mean "enjoy"?

bitty said...

*just keeps staring at it and pretends that she understands*

thatdudedave said...

emo cutters love stuff like this

Canela_NYC said...

L'Chaim = yiddish toast translates "to Life."

I think there's more significance to it than Mazel Tav tho I can't recall.

I used to work for a Jewish guy...

Nichole said...

does art always have to have a purpose behind it? or an agenda?

dondub said...

no it doesnt
that dont mean it aitn bullshit tho
stuff with an agenda is bullshit too

art is bullshit