Thursday, December 20, 2007

Then hard times fell upon us (c) jay z

i see this commercial for optimum online digital cable, phone and internet. i mean they got bk on lock son. im not a huge reggaeton fan but i like this shit for soem reason. maybe its the mermaids or the sandbody beach bodybuilder. i really like the pelvic thrust on the scene wehre they rockin the wetsuits. nice. and the seahorse/lochness monster/sea monkey rapper person is awesome too..

well i saw it this morning and immediately thought of cuban link and tony sunshine. i mean the guy doin the rapping kinda looks like cuban link. but wouldnt it make more sense for tony sunshine to be that guy? if tony sunshine is the sea monkey rapper then it would be understandable but it dont look like him. either way that main dude looks like cuban link, alot. see for yourself

cuban link (only built for IO digital cable)

tony sunshine (aka mr IO sun and fun)

yeah this was a very assholish entry but hey, joey crack bounced to the sun and sand of miami to get paid. why cant tony and cuban link do the same thing on the small screen?



Che Grand said...

baby grand LOVES that commercial

dondub said...

man tell me that shit dont be jammin on the one?


where is filthy at? he needs to have an opinion on this

Sandy said...

I need one a wet suit.

Sandy said...

Calling Mr.Gomayez...

amanda said...

Easterns Motors commercials > all.

And we got Biz Markie! And random ass local sports figures!! Yeeeeeah

At eastern motors, your jobs your credit!

fords hondas chevys beamers, and minivans
over 600 cars trucks SUVs are you listenin maaaaan
let eastern motors, put you in a car today
let eastern motors, finance it all the way!

*dances around room*

exclusivelyexclusive2 said...

What? I was following until the paragraph about Miami and Cuban Link on TV.

mc dayjob said...

What's not to follow exex?