Sunday, December 02, 2007

free time is a luxury if your lucky (c) me*

coming soon!
nice photoshop work von, real nice!

so i have been trying to watch this shit for the past 24 hours. last night when i was gonna watch it i ended up catching up with my nigga scorpion from windimoto*** and getting not only their music but THE FUCKING BWP ALBUM... niggas. if you know you know if you dont get informed. ill prolly post it sometime this week, or maybe a track or two from it, hell maybe thats what ill do for DX is give em a track or two and explain to them why they need to be up on it.

so i watched none of it last night. i sat down this morning with my coffee fully intent on watching it but then remembered i have serato lessons over at the scratch academy scheduled for 4:30pm sharp (shout out to noumenon!) so yeah i made it thru about an hour of the movie and being that its 3pm i may as well cut it off and get dressed to go, damnit!

that said its a really really good movie and i am kinda mad that i cant watch it in one sitting :/

in other news yall know that episode of seinfeld where kramer was washin dishes while he showered? my living situation stipulates that that is not such a bad idea and im TH-><-IS close to buying a compartmentalized shower basket for the explicit purpose.**

lemme go get my wikki wikki on fam..

*gotta remember to jot that down later
**note to self: my big box is nice
***i hope i can land that 16 on that song we talked about mayne :)


Dvva said...

Hmm...okay...maybe I'm just sleepy, but I have no idea what this blog entry was about...American Gangster the movie...American Gangster the remixes <--got that part. I dunno, I read this later, lol.

Che Grand said...

i gotta holla at noum, i want scartch lessons too!

Sandy said...

scartch lessons. scartch lessons. scartch lessons.

I'm so mean.

love you grizzy.


You have a big box that's nice? Huh? Is it covered in Christmas wrapping? Bows and tinsel?