Friday, November 30, 2007


you ever slept in your coat and hoodie on a strangers floor?
i didnt rotate this photo on purpose

after chillin with spec, che, filthy and von yesterday and recaping them on the quit hating the south tour i was like, lemme share this footage with my peoples (aka yall) and i was beginning the process of editing the north carolina footage so that you guys could share our tour experience (including our day off and vons bday) but now i gotta get dressed and run to harlem to catch up with 88 keys. you heard what happened last time we got together (and if you havent so expect nothing less than fresh.

i am going to take my laptop and attempt to do double duty while there. im also going to take my digital camera. maybe ill just take my digital camera. bah... i REALLY wanted to edit this north carolina footage but im sayin... this is some charles bronson offer you cant refuse shit lol. lets hope im still motivated to edit this shit down later.

and since i dont do this often in other rapper news we had a nice long talk with dj soul yesterday about our mixtape and things look to be off to a rolling start. when the topic of hosts/themes came up we tossed around a few names and the guy we settled on tryin to get in touch with will either blow your mind in a WOOWOWOWOW sorta way or go completely over your head. thats if he says yes to the job.

okay imma go get ready to go... holler


Sandy said...

LEAVE your office @ home.

GO make fabulous music.

EDIT nonsensical tour tidbits later.

We'll wait patiently for it... don't worry.

Donald Williams said...

leave go edit?

is that some secret code?

Sandy said...

hmmm. Lemme make up some secret message behind that one.

Aren't you supposed to be gone by now?

Angie said...

NC STAND UP!!!! ;)

Filthy said...


cool said...

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