Monday, December 03, 2007


im learning about video resolution the hard way :/

so yeah man... this joint is like 8 minutes long. im not gonna go into the long form explanation as to why the resolution is not as good as the other clips ive posted but i will say that rendering down video on my lil laptop sucks. lol

nothing else to say. *** musta saw my grocery money video cus they called me today and told me to come in tomorrow for a meeting. i just may be eating again soon, real soon. rap life is real life yall...


amanda said...

HA. I actually watched this whole thing.

You know, I tried Crunk Juice a few years back and remember it being pretty nasty. Had I looked at the can and saw 'horny goat weed' and 'skull cap' I probably wouldn't have even tried it.

NC sucks. I only live one state away yet I have no desire whatsoever to travel there or even drive through the state to get somewhere else. I'd rather drive around it if need be.

and I thought I'd find out what was so funny. The fuck was you laughin at! 8 minutes and I can't even find out.

YdS said...

Sorry Mandy. You'll never get it.

Angie said...

HAHA, tho, saw me in the corna, working it out to "Baby Phat". HOLLA!