Saturday, November 10, 2007

Tanya Morgan, DJ Magic Mike, De La Soul

we are in charlotte nc right now, its not on the dates we have listed on myspace because we just added it last night. i had tried to put our booking in contact with a promoter who was setting up a de la soul show but she never had hit us back. turns out her assistant never forwarded her our the message. well i got a message on myspace saying 'hey guys wanna open for de la?' and i of course said yes....

i want to believe me and von spoke this into existence a week ago. we were tossing around ideas of who it would be really dope to tour with and de la's name came up heavy. so yeah, its not a whole tour but it beats the SHIT outta having an off day

we were supposed to be in chapel hill celebrating von pea's bday tonight but instead we willl be opening for de la soul.

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Sandy said...

very good.

very very good.