Saturday, November 10, 2007

now lemme take a trip down memory lane (c) nas

thats ilyas in the black hat
this photo is circa 1995

okay this photo was taken during my freshman year in college when i started to take rap seriously. you see me and a young ilyas freestyling with our first group 'the jurx' in the photo. i was trying to grow locs and i was probably VERY high in this photo. man those were the days. i honestly never dreamed that id be here doing what im doing now. well no im lying, i did dream it cus if i didnt i wouldnt be realizing it.

so last night we played with de la soul and while i didnt get any photos for real it was pretty fucking dope. we played to a pretty big crowd and moved a decent amount of merch. we coulda moved more if we had a roadie/formal tour manager but nonetheless we did what we came to do and thats move the crowd and the merch.

a speaker fell on von pea's ankle but he is in recovery right now. i think he is doing pretty good. it fell on him mid set during the second song. and it pretty much crippled him for the evening. after the show he was iced up in the green room when de la walked in to get ready for their set. the crazy part was that de la knew who tanya morgan was. when i intro'd myself to dave he was like 'oh shit, i dont recognize the faces. what up man' and pos was equally as receptive. they are some cool ass dudes and i promise this wont be the last time we share a stage, if i got anything to do with it at least

shout out to supastition tho for real. i wished i coulda stayed and chopped it up but i had to chase down our money and make sure we still had lodging (both worked out) i had no idea charlotte crowds were just like nyc crowds lol. either way i appreciated the love we recieved.

okay imma go eat breakfast and enjoy our day off.

ill be back


sari said...

lol...i'm laughing already
is that you in the goggles?
i finally get to see your curly hair?!

Sandy said...


that IS you in the EAZY E wiglet!

Oakleys... goodness gracious.

Sandy said...

i KNEW that was Il.

Is THIS the birth of The Jurx?

Filthy said...

oh wow hahahaha
that photo is great.

The Write Brother said...

I'm so proud (translation: Jealous) of y'all...

But in all sinceriousness, I was excited as shit when I read about the show, and even more excited hearing it went well. (which I KNEW it would)

Give Von my best in regards to his recovery and his birthday.

Rosemary said...

Goggles... Really? Why in the heck did y'all have goggles just hanging around in NC..?

Anyway love that picture... And love y'all!!!

*These blogs are about 200% more positive than the last tour... Even if YOU have to do all the damn driving!

Anonymous said...

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Daru & Reggie B – Future Music

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Che Grand said...

lol @ that pic
in '95 i was in 8th grade

Sandy said...

damn youngin.

rasdawta said...

i'm laughing my head off right now. ha!!! this pic is great. it's where it all started....the good 'ol days of a&t.

so happy to see all of your success. keep it up

much love,