Tuesday, November 13, 2007

drive slow homie (c) kanye west

im basically just checkin in to let yall know im still alive. safe and sound and i just touched down in savannah georgia. this place looks pretty cool. ive never been here before but i remember really bein interested in teh art school down here

at anyrate we are fairing pretty well out here on the road (knock on wood) and havent had too much trouble. today i outsmarted a state cop who was aiming to pull me over because i was goin a lil too fast. i will be using the cruise control option from here on out.

fam. this is my only complaint about the quit hating the south tour. driving. im the only person who can drive and its really starting to take its toll. okay take nc alone. we drove up from jacksonville into asheville wich was 8 hours? i think it was 9. then from asheville to charlotte wich was like 4 hours. then from charlotte to chapel hill wich was like 3 hours then from chapel hill to greensboro to sleep which was an hour. then this morning ilyas realized he left his bag at the venue nad we had to double back and then head out to savannah which was 6 hours. man listen... im fucking exhausted...not to mention i gotta do the 10 hour stretch to cincinnati tomorrow morning.

i can not wait to not have to wake up and drive. other than that its been cool man. real coool and our supporters have come out to show us some love. well one guy walked up to me last night and cordially said 'yo i just wanted to say fuck you for cancelling on chapel hill last year cus i havent done a show since then' fam... he was about to get banked by my homies they was ready to harm this dude i was like 'no man, dont go there' but he turned out to be cool

right now im waiting to shower. i dont know what else to say for real. i think im tapped out. i miss yall and i hope yall miss me lol. well i wish i had a photo to post up for this blog but i aint by my cpu maybe ill add one later or maybe the last photo was enough to tide you over lol

okay im out famz



Sandy said...

no need to call on the Pizza Fairy.

Anonymous said...

Never say never...


The Mixtape Monster said...

VIDS from Chapel Hill Show:



Anonymous said...

I KNEW it couldn't stay positive forEVA....! :) You had to get a lil manic on us!!

amanda said...

I miss you, Don!

Anonymous said...

you're missed son.