Wednesday, November 07, 2007

leaving cincy to go to atlanta soon

my mom has an all over print wall to match my hoodie
*this is a test of the blogger video upload system*

atlanta is the first stop. we dont have a show there but the drive to jacksonville is 12 hours and since im the only one driving we decided to drive in and stop at the halfway point of atlanta. there we have a few crash options i think. aside from jermiside and a long shot ilyas got family down there and i got some people too i think, i think.

lemme just make sure i got everything. excuse me while i run thru my checklist:
  • bag o good clothes
  • laptop
  • merch (shirts & cd's)
  • routing and itenerary
  • camera
  • rental car rsvp
  • fear
  • nervousness
  • hunger
i gotta go get ready now. posted above you will find a short art show of sorts. its really just some random shit i was shooting. who knows maybe i will upload some of my other pre-tour pep talk moments. they are just kinda long and rambly and i think they would be more effective after its all said and done edited together. or maybe i wont show them at all. nah, im too narcisistic for that.

wish us luck...

ps - did i thank yall for the prayers yall sent? well if i did allow me to thank you again. i know im vague about my family but thats not the focus of this 'show' it spills out from time to time tho.

pps - terrified is an understatement, imma act the part if you see me tho. smiles!


vaughn pee said...

video wouldnt play for me :-/

wedgie proof underwear!!!!!

Sandy said...

The video didn't play either. But I'm sure it will soon. Blogger be buggin.

I'm ordering my wedgie proof drawers riiiiight now.

thatdudedave said...

video is still broke!

oh well good luck drivin
take some vivarin!

Heinz said...

dope video? im the only one that seens it? yea seeeeens it lol. good luck yall. peeeace

Che Grand said...

the video worked

don you can draw mayne!
i'm buying diff pieces of all my friends artwork for my future Grand Central studio's...

tia said...

ren &

amanda said...

wow, don has some drawing skills. nice.