Tuesday, November 06, 2007

its tuesday right?

alot can change in a year

i stumbled across that photo of us at cmj last year, its crazy how much can change in 12 months and even crazier how much can stay the same. im not gonna go thru the whole snapshot of where i was on this date last year (RE:live my life is there for that) but i know i was doing the exact same thing in a different way

i have been trying to video blog cincinnati starting today. i tend to not take photo/videos of the city due to my love hate relationship with this place. i mean the first thing that happened once i got into the city limits was a fresh faced officer pulled me over for goin 15 miles over the speeed limit. i got until the 29th to pay it but lets just hope that i net a profit out there on the road.

speaking of which we are getting closer to leaving for jacksonville and all the pieces are in place. i have this funny feeling that ilyas has not packed and when he does pack he will probably have a zillion bags, if you are reading this prove me wrong fam.

im watching mtv made right now and its making me realize we need a triple m kinda nigga on the team (money motivated muthafucka) like we do alot of cool/fun shit but little to none of it gets that guap. i know i know soon come but imma need some bread before later gets here for real.

ps - thanks for the prayers guys, they worked :) seeing someone deal with their health makes me place my issues back into their proper perspective

pps - does the donation button need a lengthy explanation? thats what i came in here to do today but i opted against. i mean, its not a bad look is it? is it?!?!! if it is dont blame me, blame sandy.


Sandy said...

*mouth drops*

BLAme SANdY??? Damn.

Filthy said...

fuckin' sandy.

tia said...

blame canada

Donald Williams said...

fucking canadians

sophistiphunk said...

*makes it rain brightly colored canadian bills*

Filthy said...


Sandy said...

Heh Heh... fuckin sandy. heh heh.

Heinz said...

Lol fuck you guys and you wuhtless dollar! When I get my new comp Lessondary is going under some serious branding rejuvination, gotta do this movement something proper so I'm gonna need yall for advice etc etc.

Che Grand said...

$ is all running dry
im tryna get these £
and these ¥

tia said...

*walks it oot to canadian rain*

(i thought of that this morning in the shower)