Thursday, November 08, 2007

jacksonville florida is like detroit with palm trees

after a brief layover at jermisides crib in atlanta i am typing to you live and direct from the super 8 motel. i would upload a video clip for you but the connection here is so slow that it would take me forever to do

blogging for the hell of it is kinda wack so imma keep this short and sweet. i just wanted to check in to let yall know that the tour has officially began. we made it safe and in one piece. our show is across the street from a police station and i aint seen too many black people out here in jacksonville. should be a good time

okay imma go now, hopefully next time im online i can upload footage, this shit was so slow i couldnt even upload a photo. L

okay guys.. imma go break a leg

ps - hurricane chris can rap


showtime is in 1.5 hours and the worst part of the show is sitting at the venue waiting. you soundcheck and then you are a slave to the venue. not this time tho. we fled back to the super 8 to hang out and play the new supastition track that got emailed to von where he disses another NC rapper who i wont name for the sake of not fanning the flames. supa is already pretty damn upset on the mic and a diss track by him? fam... excellent

okay imma surf the net.. just wanted yall niggas to know how we is livin... lol



Sandy said...

Super 8's are where low budget porn and snuff films get made.


I'd sleep in my clothes. Upright. Not touching anything tonight.

thatdudedave said...

i would sleep in someone elses clothes...i feel you sandy
hit a wal-mart for a sleeping bag and a pillow
and some sandals for the shower! LOL

Yoko De Salle said...


Your poor feet can't take another issue.

Mil said...

Y'all was hittin that PBR hoard man lol. I aint hating. Well actually I am... I knew I wasn't going to be allowed to drink more than 1 beer, so I made it a tall Stella. It made me feel better to pay for a beer equal in value to 3 PBRs. Its almost as if I drank their value. Yay@$6 beer night.

BTW, I got a ton of pics & some video of y'all on stage. You guys certainly rocked it, much love. The drive was worth it. Y'all be safe, good luck on the rest of the shows!