Monday, November 05, 2007

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just incase you didnt know im back in ohio for a brief stint before we shoot down to jacksonville for our first date. in between catchin up with family and friends (and believe you me ALOT has changed) and ensuring we survive the road i have been taking this time to catch up on one of my favorite shows, dexter.

i aint about to go into a synopsis of the 5 W's surrounding this show (holla at imdb) but i will say its a show about a serial killer who is actually a forensic scientist at the police department. the sponsor, the bay harbor killer, the leiutenant, lundy, doaks, etc... man i can go on for days but i LOVE this shit. its a great way to kill downtime and time you should be working regardless I am almost caught up to speed on the second season.

the show has alot of killing but honestly the grossest part of the show is the intro. that shit is GROSS man. like them extreme closeups of his mouth and the food and his fingers and the floss cutting off the blood flow, nasty. it kinda really plays well offa the everyday physcopath thing, making everyday activities look gruesome. here watch for yourself


thats my update and im sticking with it, for now. there will be no talk of anything personal. im gonna go pop some popcorn and finish catching up on dexter. then im gonna try and get into californication and and maybe watch weeds, im not that interested in weeds tho.

yall want a tour update? like some actual music news or something? come back later... LOL

(you happy now? sheeesh)


Filthy said...

man, jon always tells me that dexter is dope but i've never really had the chance to catch it. i need to see the season one dvd before i start on this season.

Donald Williams said...

no you dont

just watch
stop procrastinating

Mil said...

the first season the writing could border on the corny... in this season i think they've really stepped up the dialogue quite a bit. i mean there are times where i sense its about to get corny and they completely surprise me. even w/ the occasional corny moment, the first season was awesome.

i'm so emotionally invested in dude not getting caught! lol

Anonymous said...

Dude you are late on Californication that is one of the best new shows. Hank Moody is gonna be a GOD to you after u watch the firsr few episodes lol trust me. Don't worry a lot of people are sleeping on that show, not that you were worrying lol I haven't got into Dexter yet, not even sure I will, It seems like a cool concept but I don't see myself getting into that show too tuff. You know what's a good dvd to get Cit of Men the tv spinoff of the movie City of God. Really really dope. *nyways I'm gonna catch some z's peace


Donald Williams said...

the only draw about dexter is that the show can seem too long thats not necessaritly a good thing

but overall i love it

Che Grand said...

Dexter is the shit! youre right bout the opening cred's that shit gets me everytime.

Anonymous said...

you just don't like blood and you have food issues like me. That wasn't disgusting. But. I don't want to be that up close and personal with anyone like that.

thank you for the update.


Donald Williams said...

its that steak eating part

fucking gross

AND THE EGGS. well tahts gross cus i dont like my eggs runny

Mil said...

man... lol... i was actually thinking of the opening credits last time i was at IHOP. i ordered the steak and eggs, medium rare and i was just thinking to myself... "Oh man I hope I don't look like dexter when I'm chewing this shit, that shit is just VULGAR".

oh and californication is the shit also. honestly hank moody is like... 12% of the reason i'm suddenly hellbent on moving to NYC and why my general dislike of los angeles has recently intensified.

Claraaaaa said...

weeds is the shit don.
get hip.