Thursday, November 15, 2007

we aint, goin nowhere (c) the bad boy family

there will be some TM EXCLUSIVES cd's left that i will probably sell via mail order :)

literally. we are not leaving the house until its time for the show and when we get done we are coming back home to my moms cooking and showtime on demand. niggas i have never been so happy to see cincinnati in my LIFE.

we just coolin out right now man. im hangin out with my lil brother (aka my moms dog) and chilling. its 3pm and im still in my jamas niggas. i wanna ask yall to do something serious today, something i may need to expound on for a full blog entry in a day or two. go relisten to LL Cool J's song 'momma said knock you out' and tell me he doesnt sound like that wrestler the ultimate warrior. especially the OOOOOOOOOOH.. LISTEN TO THE WAY I SLAAAAAAAAAY YOUR CREW! DAMAGE! DAMAGE! DAMAGE! part. we laughed for a good 30minutes on the way to florida offa that shit. this nigga said he is gonna bomb a town. lmao... for what james? why? they just wanted to cop the lp and now the terror alert has raised on em. *smh* i wish i had the song in front of me.. yeah imma revist that shit later

okay imma go deal with my emails and what nots. the requests for shows are rolling in from around the country and hopefully we will be back out sooner than later. i just gotta rustle up a few things to make this all make sense for the next run. when this shit is over ill give yall indie touring 101: missteps and corrections as i try and put together the next tour.

im looking for a video clip worthy of the upload time but i cant find one. oh well. maybe later.


shout out to brick beats on the new addition to his family, he had a boy! FINALLY SOMEBODY HAD A BOY! STOP MAKING GIRLS PLEASE! WE NEED MORE MEN! lol


i just wanted to say that nothing makes me more nervous than performing at home in cincinnati. its like you would think having your mom or sister or best friend in the house would be a lil soothing but its really not. id raather do it for a bunch of strangers i mean i LOVE the support but its just somethinga bout it man. i cant explain it iand i KNOW i cant be the only artist who feels this way. i havent had butterflies before a show this whole tour but right now im a lil nervous. go figure. i keep getttin texts and phone calls and shit like 'YOOO yo YOOOOO' and it is not helping me at all. i will be drinking tonight


moms not going now but my friends hopefully are and thats still very unnerving. i think its because you want to impress them more tahn anyone. also cus they know you as a totally different person i dont know. its weird. we got soundcheck at 10. yippee...

can we exchange brains, its too much on my mind


Sandy said...

1) if we exchanged brains... i don't think it would help. (somewhere inside THAT statement is one of those Three's Company jokes I speak of)

2) I get nervous in front of family/friends too. I'm used to seeing my sister, but... my folks haven't seen the stage humping/lap dances ever... they KNOW what I do, but... they haven't seen a show live since 2003 ish.

3) no dog picture?

4) I was the hardest lil' hip hop dancer with a (partially) self choreographed number to Momma Said... so I pretty much know that one inside and out. I WILL NEVaR recite it, if ever we meet.

I forgot point 5. Glad you have some cable relaxation.

Che Grand said...

big'ups to Brick!!! is that his 1st? the grandkids army is getting bigger...

y'all kill it tonight mayne

exex said...

OMG, I missed so much. I have to read all of the back posts to catch up. So happy you guys won the contest.

Donald Williams said...

exex where the hell have you been?

i expect a full report on my desk soon detailing the 5 w's.


exex said...

Oh boy, I was OOOOUUUTTT. I was on a hiatus. Now I'm kinda* back, and I can't believe all that's transpired TM-wise since I been gone. This is so nice. Ima save my TM t-shirt and sell it on eBay when y'all get nominated for a Grammy. I think I'm gonna mail it back to you so that you can sign it. It'll be worth more :o)

*Likely to fall off the face of the earth again. I've been fickle with the Internets.

Donald Williams said...

Exex you betta don't! You can't leave the nets alone the blogs need you.

Tanya Morgan has been doin a lil somethin something. We are obviously on tour right now but it ends on sunday and when its over I think its back to reality.


amanda said...

let me know if/when you put the TM cd's up for order.

I'll probably cop one.

and good luck getting un-nervous.

exex said...

"We are obviously on tour right now but it ends on sunday and when its over I think its back to reality."

Well, at least you don't have to commute to Columbia anymore (how did you survive that?). And maybe now after this tour you can stop getting McDay jobs and just be a professional artist and do things like sit in cafes ad drink capuccinos at 11 AM and "run errands" in between making music. That would be cool.