Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Ri Bwoi Le Go Gi Di Paypa

not as funny as i thought it would be

meh, ill be back

okay this may be worth the embed link


Filthy said...

what a fuckin' mess lol

Sandy said...

its where you put the S.

Patrice said...

ay why y'all sleepin on that rich boy, that video/song is kinda nice. he's startin to grow on me.

Donald Williams said...

rich boy had one of the best albums of 2007

Mil said...

i just listened to the whole album during lunch (inspired by this vid).

motherfuckers were lookin at me like i was crazy in the deli, cause i was bumpin the shit out of it. imagine me in a shirt, tie, & pinstriped dress pants rockin this shit with a turkey pastrami hangin out my mouf. yeah.