Wednesday, October 10, 2007

i got interviewed by the news for that noose thing

thats happening up here at columbia. i dont think my answer was what they wanted and i dont fully remember what i said. something about race in america long needing to be addressed and how various institutions were built on racism and how race relations are taught at home and how this incedent may just be exemplary of the times/people sense of humor moreso than an actual hate crime


i think im passing a kidney stone. im in pain nad i remember this pain like it was yesterday, you cant forget it. it hurts when i lean forward or bend and i have this weird kinda headache that swells and goes away. if i remember correctly this feels like the precursor, im gonna go take some tylenol and pretend like its not hurting.

$$$ rules my world.


tia said...

do they have greeting cards for things like this? "i think you are nifty..hope your stone passes swiftly"

feel better soon.

Sandy said...

what Tia said.

does water help? Does that get it out the system faster? Or does that just make everything that much worse?

I'll be looking for you on the news. You remember what station?

nickels said...

negro, i told yo ass to stop drinking all that coffee.
"Excessive caffeine intake may increase calcium excretion through the kidneys, increasing the likelihood of a stone."

and are you eating too much meat?
too much protein can contribute to the stones as well as the gout you were (supposedly) suffering from.

you need to be a vegetarian, yo.

Fifteen said...

where's this news story? did u make the cut?
sorry bout the c*ck rocks. hope you're all better. have fun in vegas and good luck with the tour.