Monday, October 15, 2007

if it aint one thang its a muthafuckin nother (c) snoop

How to fix a broken toe! Kinda

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not for the squeamish :(

fam... fam!.... faaaaaaam

im need a free clinic or insurance... asap. my foot is so icey right now. the problem originated on labor day when kelle tried to wrestle me into the water (YES IM BLAMING YOU DAMNIT... lol) and i resisted and didnt fall. i bent my toe real weird thanks to my flip flops. well i been walkin on it nad it hurts some days and some it dont. but i do know that i probably need to get it looked at. imma tape it next to the good toe for a day tho, im goin to get it lookd at wednesday, hell or high water.

pray fuh meh (c) lil moe


i rigged some shit up with the only tape i have in the house. duct tape. i straightened the toe out and while it does still hurt it kinda feels betteer. dunno if that makes sense. i would take a photo but thats just kinda gross huh? lol imma elevate it and sleep


Sandy said...

Please don't show the world your toe(s)


That'll be the ONE photo to make ALL the rounds.

And YOU're gonna go to a DOCTOR? Wow. Mighty grown up of you.

tia said...

i think i'd have to draw the line at toe photos. that duct tape is gonna hurt when you take it off.

Filthy said...

duct tape???