Monday, October 15, 2007

tanya morgan collaboration alert!

88 keys
image taken from dorkmag

Yes indeedy. Working on a mixtape right now. Actually not NOW now but getting back to it come Monday while simultaneously finishing up my album. Not an easy task for one trying to bring 'fine quality music' (as my production company motto would suggest) to the people. Had to take this week off to cuddle up with my wife & daughter since they haven't seen much of me for the past 2 & a half weeks of me touring with Q-Tip & Common... which was off the HOOK by the way. Hit me up on My Space & I'll keep everybody posted on the mixtape (dubbed Adam's Case Files - The Mixtape). I got a few songs done so far. Banged out 6 keepers in one day then got beat block the next. That sucked. On there you'll find the following artists (so far): Q-Tip, Grafh, Kid Cud (A-Trak's new artist)i, Big Sean (Kanye West's new artist), Serious Jones (Ludacris' new artist/Fight Klub champ) & Izza Kizza (Timbaland's new artist). Working on some other features right now who shall go unmentioned @ this point but I think it's safe for me to mention that Tanya Morgan might be a go. Hope this helps. Remember to check my My Space for updates. I'm in the process of revamping & being way more active on there... instead of just spying on ex-girlfriends. I joke, I joke... I keed, I keed.

- as read on's messageboards

the lp that he he is talking about is named 'The Death of Adam' and its the one that MILF - Bilal and Viagra (Stay Up) -kanye west is on. if you dont know who 88keys is you jsut dont read liner notes, he has produced some of your favorite songs on classic albums and now we may be adding to that discography. happy happy joy joy

thats all folks, thats all... :)


tia said...

oh yay!

Angie said...

Oh ish, son!

mil. said...

thats awesome... i'm real happy for y'all. and i'm happy for dude too, he seems to be poised for a major breakout soon... now i gotta look for that scott steinway trio track so i can bump that and speed law.

Sandy said...

very nice. very very nice.

Young H said...

Either you or Von *have to* start your verse:

Picture me sittin in front of 88 Keys (the opening bars from "The Narrow Path")

That would be an ill way to pay tribute to the big homie from cali *and* big up the producer of the song you're on.

(Unless it's a topical record)

nevermind, im not a rapper. dont let me tell yall n*ggas how to freak your art

good shit @ the collab though

Che Grand said...

dope!!! i need to sit in on that session