Tuesday, October 16, 2007

wicked women puttin period blood in stew (c) odb

i never even looked at the link but i just did and i dont recommed that place at all

im not tryna gross yall out but i stumbled across this and just HAD to post it.

i got nothing to say right now tho for real. after spending and entire day training my replacement im kinda turned off to the whole notion of this evenings cmj showcases. i was all gung ho before but now i dont even feel like gettin dressed. maybe i should be out there networkin but in all honesty i dont really wanna get stuck walking around. right now i got my toe iced up and i bought some tape and guaze to hold me over.

i been playin around with the toe and its definitely not right at all. i aint gonna go into all the nitty gritties but imma go see about seein a dr tomorrow.


i aint got too much to say about music right now


Angie said...


Angie said...

But, ugh, sorry about your toe. But, try & get out to CMJ & get your network on.

Anonymous said...

i'm pretty sure that quote was Method Man (wicked women...)

Filthy said...
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Filthy said...

woooooooooooooow. @ the opening between my legs.

and yeah ..
i stayed in tonight.
went out to a meeting with track & co. and brought my ass home.

i'm tired and i don't feel like shakin' hands & kissin' babies.

Pea! said...

i made a really bad decision going to that website. really bad.

Anonymous said...


So much I WANT to say... won't say a word though.

Not a word.

Go fix your toe.


Sandy said...

I'm with VOn on that one.
AMpdoesn'tloveyou if she lovesyoulike that.


so uhm, yeah.
But the blog is oddly sweet. Well the first half of it.

so...my girl ran away from home yesterday. By home, I mean...my house.

I've been curled up in a ball off-and-on trying to sleep for what is probably the past 12 hours. It's useless. I'm rattled as all fuck and it's only lessening my body's fatigue by the minute. I'm not even sure if I'm writing this out of sheer desperation, or sheer boredom, or in some gross attempt to decipher whatever the fuck is going on in my head, or what. I just know I can barely think straight and this blank screen feels like my only friend in the goddamn world for the time being. Either way, behold: LOTS AND LOTS OF TEXT.

sounds kinda like you.

Donald Williams said...

yo sandy...


what are you talking about

Filthy said...

why is it that von says he made a really bad decision by visiting that site and i can't take his word for it and have to visit it myself.


Che Grand said...

grizzy see... grizzy do

grizzy shouldnt have :-/

david said...

i cant hear the video....but if i knew a girl whose pad was that filled...i think i would stop knowing that girl...
im just sayin though

maybe im missing something without the sound

Donald Williams said...


i just be linking shit man i dont be visiting the source sites

its all kinda nigger porn ass titties up ther

im supporting the enemey

Donald Williams said...

btw that was method man that said that line. im too lazy to fix it lol

Anonymous said...

You gotta go to the site. COVER your eyes as best you can so you don't see the lady with the bottle hanging out her bootyhole... but theres a blog amidst all those screaming nipples and corpses taking bukakke shots.

You'll never go.

I was just saying the writer, Amp, blogs in a somewhat similar fashion to you... part sweet sentiment... part pure assshoooole snark.

thats all.

Not saying I'm expecting to see some deformed tittyballs all over your page or anything.


Pea! said...

if sanderson had the time to make it past the bukakke corpses and shit to see a BLOG? sanderson is a bad motherfucka. im trying to get my memory erased like "eternal sunshine..." because of that site.

f12 said...

just so we're clear...that was NOT the way my momma taught me about my cycle and she damn sire didn't SHOW me hers!



Patrice said...



tia said...

it looked like strawberry jam

Patrice said...