Monday, October 22, 2007

C'Est la Vie - Robbie Nevil

good lookin out young h

that song kinda loosely relates to todays entry i think, i dont know. i was gonna post that sex doll clip and comment on it but i wanna keep my joint a lil work safe, i mean after the amp loves you fiasco... :/ im sorry for that yall.

today is my last day at work (if you follow my blog closely this is not the first last day i have had, lol) and not for nothing im a lil misty over here. there are a few things imma truely miss and in no particular order here are my goodbyes:
  • rythym nation hat guy - you will be sorely missed fam. im really gonna miss gazing at your shiny cardboard brim thingie with the swiss cheese holes in it an that hair. so long
  • preacher lookin older guy - this dude man no matter what time i make it to the train late or early he is always there, always. i think he is actually my angel, my work angel. nohomofambody i love you
  • fat girl with a crush on me - yeah i never talked about her but this kinda pudgy girl would eye rape me alot on the 1 everymorning. one day it was real crowded and i made it a point to not get wedged against her. she gazed longingly for like 3 stops, imagining the great traingrinding she was missin out on, imma miss you boobear. muah
  • my lunch spot - yes i had a place that i sat in religiously on a daily basis to people watch. imma miss that place man, nothing like seeing the same people change over time as a fly on the wall. i watched this chick (who thinks she is FINE btw) go from orientation, to a vicious bumble bee attack, to her gay friendgroup to walking on crutches. she seemed like a bitch in real life but she was very entertaining. hope your life goes well and you graduate with honors
  • my campus friends - those random people ive picked up along my path, this buds for you fam. yall dont read my blog noway
i wont really have alot of time to lament tho cus i gotta hit the ground running. tuesday morning mr. pea and myself gotta trek up to harlem to holler at 88-Keys and then after i get to bk i gotta take my car to me secret stash spot in queens. from there we troop it over to newark airport to catch a 7am flight and its off to sunny las vegas to kick mitch gunz'z and metaphore's asses. i wont lie tho after the competition is over win or lose (who am i kidding win or WIN niggas) im about to kick the fuck back. me and ilyas pushed our flights back for a few days and we are gonna lay and play (no homo) on the las vegas strip. should be a good time. i havent got to hang out with my brother in a non work related way in a minute. when you start working with your friends it becomes the basis for your friendship to a certain extent and its gonna be real cool to hang out with the homie and not talk about work 24/7. i prolly wont even blog or be online** while im in vegas for real. i mean ill peek my head in but i think im gonna really just use the time out there to disconnect and take a long deserved break. i wont be back until monday the 29th and i havent packed shit, hell i think i need to even wash some of my unders for the road :/ i wish i could just buy new ones... hrmmm

okay so after i get back from there i got a few days to do something here in nyc then its off to cincinnati to begin this tour that im not even sure of the first date/city anymore. you have GOT to love show business. i do know its not gonna be pheonix* as i had previously announced. looks like its gonna kick off somewhere in the south. we (w)rap ((HAAA!)) on around the 18th so imma just troop back to the nati and hit up DRANKSGIVING.

should i be excited? or should i be just really clear on whats goin on and focused? i cant lie, i dont really feel excited. i mean im hype to get back on the stage and hit the road but its not so much as OH SHIT SON YAY WOOHOOO WEEE its more like. "okay, got this? check. got that? check. need this! this aint so important" like excited like an athlete before a big game i guess. i wouldnt know i dont watch sports lol.

speaking of which (kinda) my toe is doing better and thanks for asking. i have it taped up and its resetting itself and feelin pretty good. so ill be in vegas bustin my dope steps instead of bustin my ass lol. i did however give myself a NASTY paper cut between my pinky toe and the broke one (d0nt ask) nad it kinda hurts but its cool.

okay i think i have said enough here. as always watch the *'s and ps's while i go tie up these loose ends. you would think that i wasnt gonna work on my last day here but hey, i like good references. its an important thing when your career dont pay you lol

PS - happy birthday cakes. you are officially OLD now, heres to arthritis and medicaid lol. at least you gonna have a retirement fund to fall back on. :/

*to those anticipating the phoenix date i am SO sorry man... i really wanted to go too :( i would go into the long lenghty explanation about why this is so but just accept it and deal with it, the same as we do. shit its harder for us to deal with cus thats work and as you know if you aint on salary missing a days worth of work is not good.
**who the hell am i kidding? yall know imma be on this bitch talkin my shit cus its the ONLY thing that keeps me sane.. im an addict


Tia said...

no more japanese gifts.

Donald Williams said...


no more 'mr williams'


david said...

and i took the 30th off too! DIZAMN! lol

i most likely will be in vegas tho!

amanda said...



have a great time in Vegas!

Sandy said...



Don't over do the drinks in vegas/Dranksgiving. Your kidneys will do the one two punch ALL over again.

have a great tiiiime. And come back with the title or don't come back at all.

Angie said...

YAY! KICK THEIR ANUSSSSSSSSSS! :) Be safe & do it up!