Friday, October 19, 2007

Dear Nathaniel,

i have watched this clip countless times. i wish i could have it projected on a loop inside of my glasses so that i can experience the sheer joy your reckless abaondon brings during my every waking moment.

I just want to enjoy my life as much as you enjoy to 'dayynce' and damnit i plan to. in the form of 3 words and a furious shuffle your simple mantra speaks volumes. not only do you like to 'dayynce' but you plan to do so with no concern for how silly you look or how it will be remembered.

this is the greatest thing ever recorded in the history of film. period. nothing beats it and there is no way possible to return the hours upon hours of endless joy you have provided me

thank you nathaniel, you are truly appreciated


MC Dayjob

ps - went to a cmj event last night and now i have a grocerylist of ppl to meet up with. shout out to emilio rojas (and naturel), poison pen, audible treats, the no hoes bored crew, fusicology, kev sakoda (congrats trek!) gerrard baker, double o, marco polo... damn ill be back i gotta run. i KNOW im forgettting ppl


ms. swifty said...

this is awesome.

one of the best things ever is watching little kids dance. it's pure happiness in motion.

we should all dance like no one is watching.

Donald Williams said...


i want to be him when i grow up

my name is officially nathaniel

speaking of kids:

when are you baking more of them cookies?

mil. said...

lol The Soup 'shopped him into the britney VMA performance:

nickels said...

the eyes closed in ecstasy and the open mouth...
such bliss.

young h said...

lmao that nigga was going in

Sandy said...

someone mention cookies?

tap said...


be like nathaniel.