Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mobile update #1 - edited

Its 3.21am.
Me and von are @ the world trade goin to newark
Fam, newark airport is wack
I shoulda got another redbull
Plane leaves @ 7 somethin
We gotta wait an hour for this damn train
To newark


In other news 88 keys has some heat!
And that's all I'mma say about that...

Deat of adam & the adam files coming soon


this has been the LONGEST commute ever in life fam. like fuck newark airport man. we are here at 5.50 and the flight dont leave til 7.45. thank god i brought my laptop. von thinks im silly but this is all i can do to stay awake. i have began actually video blogging this thing but until i get a plugin to edit it im not postin it up, maybe.. :/

i want to go to sleep, bad.

**i hope you have a better tomorrow


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Sandy said...



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videoblog! i want to live vicariously through you guys