Thursday, September 13, 2007

you ever have a song stuck in your head?

R.I.P Tupac... damn its been 11 years

well imagine that song being your song, that you wrote. stuck on a constant loop. i think if i type it out here it may make it stop. its a joint we are working on for brooklynati. von did the beat and we are trying to get the homie from LA* on there (ill let your mind race on that one a bit, but i allude to it in the verse)

sad not hardly, departed from the party/ pity, tough titty and they all exposed partly/ that'll make a bad situation seem seductive/ plan to make plans, man thats all you come up with/ guess who came up its, donwill from college hill/ student of the game and i aint paid for college still/ gladly ill be aggie at my art promoted badly /rather be then tryna be promoted at a j.o.b./ but this time around im writin more than rhymes down/ still jot em if i got em but the plans lined out/ demand, lines out around the corner for blocks/ they charged for our performance time warner em watch/ i aint down and out or down about nothing donald puttin out/ and drownin out the frowns and doubt by learnin more and findin out /barely blue about the biz embarrased by how bad it is/ but bearing with teh bull again, breakin in and bound to win

i know reading words aint the same as hearing em but whatever. i am so tempted to break it down line by line on my kanye 'im the freshest nigga rappin' shit cus i crammed that joint with all my magic rapper tricks lol but i wont (unless asked)

my car on craigslist has gotten 3 interested buyers, nobody wants to pay the price tho :/ they all tryna talk me down. nigga its not my price, holler at wells fargo auto finance son! but its slowly becoming negotiable and im slowly looking for the extra $$$ to become flexible in sellin this thing. anybody want an 03 charcoal grey accord coup? im sayin it was driven by a rapper :)

p.s. - im not sick its just my mucus glands gettin used to the weather changing. SUCKS cus i wake up with the dry throat and it dont feel good at all :/

* i dont think people flake so much as they just dont have the time or get caught up in living their life and cant really fit in everything we want them to, especially when you are not a part of these peoples daily routines. thats why facillitators (managers, record labels, people who promote your agenda for you) are good. they protect you from suffering thru those interactions and make those situations occur or simply make them less personal, because at the end of the day its not personal, its business. and although as an artist our relationship to music that we create is personal, alot of times the interactions that help create those collaborative situations are impersonal, unless said collaborative parties are just always around each other, or around each other on a consistent enough basis as to where it just occurs naturally. you just cant take that shit personal man, you simply cant... if yall dont know what im talking about good, lol.


Pea! said...

i edited it! sheesh!

PC pea...dont do drugs

Donald Williams said...


lol... you already know how i feel about the topic tho cus it affects us both in the same way.

Sandy said...

Good words of advice. Solid stuff.

bfnh. said...

i can't stop singing "drunk and hot girls."

it's a real problem. it's definitely had an adverse effect on my work day.

this reply isn't off topic if i'm answering the subject line question, is it?

Donald Williams said...

never off topic man lol... i have no topics, ever...

i like the 3rd verse...

that shit cracks me up evertytime

exclusivelyexclusive said...

I really like this part:

sad not hardly, departed from the party/ pity, tough titty and they all exposed partly/ that'll make a bad situation seem seductive/

See you at the party tomorrow.

nickels said...

are you advertising the car for more than what you need so that when people try to negotiate, they'll actually be paying the necessary price?