Wednesday, September 12, 2007

walk softly and carry a big stick

outta date but right on time

not alot of time to yakk at yall today but i just had to drop by and drop this gem. a friend of mine consoled me by saying 'some people fight for the limelight by hangin aroudn it so much that it will have to eventually shine on them, but then what' and honestly thats just what i needed to hear. I have kinda took a self imposed hiatus from all that jazz, you know the free vodka til 3am worknight extravaganza's. I traded it in for productivity and stress (cus with productivity comes stress, otherwise the work aint workin) I'm extremely selective about the places i end up at nowadays, just gotta be man.

i lost my point, oh bother....

oh yeah. you scenester ass niggas disgust me man. thoroughly, especially if you are a lecherous one. its one thing to be a scenester that makes the next scene to be leeched, but those guys arent scenesters, they are innovators. but is a special breed of niggas runnin around man, and yall extra whoopity doo look at me muthafuckas grate my nerves and knock me off kilter.

between *them* and these Abe niggas runnin around man im about to have to have me a drank after work. even tho i feel sickish and even tho i think that would be the final straw in my immune system breaking down adn rendering me useless, i dont care. i am having a drink, maybe i could use a little self imposed rest.

but real talk tho, id rather be me on my worst day than alot of people on their best. no venom intended, just i know what built me and i have no idea what built or drives some of these niggas aside from personal gain and ego.

okay im gonna go finish letting Abe have his way with my day (nohomo)


exclusivelyexclusive said...

In addition to being fake, these scenesters are so elitist. Like it's a secret society or something and everyone else is too lame to get in. Sorry I don't own anything by Bijoules!

And how original are you walking around dressed like you're in the 80s or 90s--everyone is doing it! It's a trend, it aint *outsider* no more.

I mean, do these people have jobs? They party so much, how do they have time to sleep and make money?

And now to totally contradict myself, are you going to the Puma/Yo MTV Raps party on Friday? they're giving fee haircuts and shape ups. At least you can get something free out of it other than liquor.

coppercoloredgal said...

your felling like me today, i see.
just letting you know i'm swiping your title.

Donald Williams said...

yeah im all about that puma party. for the fact that im pretty cool with they marketing guy at puma who plans the events i always go out to support his shit

i don tknow about lettin em cut my hair tho LOL

sup copper?!? where you been/?

Sandy said...

Just fall in line with the scenesters and be utrahip and get "1995" buzzed in the back of your head.

Boxes. Ramps. And. Slopes.