Tuesday, September 04, 2007

no more drinks for me (c) benny sings

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this weekend was utterly amazing people. i had a blast and i put summer to bed really well, tucked it in nice and kissed it goodnight.

i got photos of it all too, well most of it lol.

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  • - going to 2 jiggy clubs. one black and one white, all bammas. they be jammin tho, i aint danced to jaheim just incase in a long time lol
  • - dancing so hard at the mj vs prince party that you think you broke your toe but not really even caring. lost my mind to 3 songs: mommas pearl, off the wall, baby be mine. i woke up hoarse and limping. micheal jackson always wins
  • - hittin the beach with friends and acting like you are 12 years old all over again, this actually could have been where i got the limp from, thanks for trying to dunk me guys, thanks alot.
  • - going to 2 cookouts in one weekend and bringing the most amazing juicy brown meats that anyone has ever tasted (no homo son) shit did my ego good tho, niggas was like DAMN WHO MADE THE BURGERS?!!? im like george grilled em, they was like NAH THE SEASONINGS SHIT! im like errrrr... after all these years i still cant take a compliment. i learned that onion soup trick from my mom's :)
  • - i was avoiding the west indian day parade even tho i have never been before but from the small bit that i saw it was cool as shit seeing everybody proudly draped in their colors. niggas got shot tho from what i heard but hey thats what we do, kill each other :/
  • - super '101 slang terms for sexual acts' bad, i LOVE this movie man, love love love. "im gonna give you the best blow j ever lmao"
  • - snitchin ass niggas snitchin on nothing in particular (just as i suspected she aint hardly how i figured her. this is where i get off peace, see you later. uh see you later cus i... cus im, im just sit.tin in the bar... waitin on who? not you) the parenthetical shit really has nothing to do with anything but my rap tourettes ran the end of my verse for the sittin in the bar demo but it kinda does go with the preceeding sentences, kinda.
  • - drinkin like i just turned 21 all over again.
i mean the weekend was so action packed that typing a blog will do it no justice, just know that that shit was exactly what i needed man. for real, especially after the hellacious morning i had. regardless to that tonight my yay area homies are throwing down somewhere in manhattan and i will be in the house for sure. no matter how tired i am, i gotta be there, camera in hand. dunno when we gonna find time to get teh podcast recorded or the demos recorded or anything done but thats neither here nor there.

okay i need to do some work

can somebody remind me to call my uncle? please?


dunno if im feelin the flickr bloggin interface blicky. i dont want my photo all cropped up in the corner. wack. okay i really need to go.


Anonymous said...

Superbad really worth the 11 bucks? Been thinking about seeing it.


exclusivelyexclusive said...

Good times! "My back is on my cock"

aeon? said...

Call Your Uncle Donald!

Meka Soul said...

don, how did we not see each other @ that mj vs prince party while i was in BK? i went apeshit when the dj segued "it ain't hard to tell" to "right here" to "human nature."

prince lost.

exclusivelyexclusive said...

Ummm, I thought you had gout? Perhaps just a sprained toe?

Donald Williams said...

yo meka... man i saw this dude with long ass locs and i stared him down like within inches of him cus we were walkin past each other, i was like damn man dude looks familar as shit but i think i know everybody anyway lol..

it was probably you... whatup mang?

Donald Williams said...

exex - oh we gonna talk about the gout up in here, up in here. i jsut had to pull it down for further research....


Meka Soul said...

if you saw some dark, greasy-looking african in a polo shirt going bananas at the bar to "pleasure principle," that was prob'ly me.

duke, i'm trying to move out there within two years. fuck california.

exclusivelyexclusive said...

Old people and overweight people get "the gout." Since you are neither of the two, I don't believe that you have it.

You are very dramatical. Hypochondriac much?