Friday, August 31, 2007

fame or not: im going to live forever

hair cut optional, nice kicks required
(photo credit: amg2000)

today doing my daily content maintenance on all of our e-real estate i came across a link and websurfed over to a blog that reminded me that i was part of a very critically successful album that dropped last year. said link that i surfed over to was bigging up the weekly podcast and spanned the course of my entire career in like 3 sentences: tanya morgan dropped moonlighting and you probably missed it but you shouldnt miss the podcast. thats a pretty good synopsis of what i read. that nod of anonymous approval from a random backpacker (he called himself that) made me smile. so then i rolled over to flickr to dust off my old account so that i can start pumpin it full of my mean mugs and i decided to run a search on tanya morgan and donwill, man pages of photos, pages. some of which i had never seen in my life and furthermore taken by people i had never met in my life and thats when it hit me, 'i am important to somebody who i have never met'.

im not talkin about an over inflated sense of self worth on some best rapper alive shit, but on some im part of their life. they have welcomed me into their experience and furthermore given me space on their camera, hard drive, ipod, cd rack, flickr page, etc. aside from doing shows and rocking my good clothes ive
met like 4 actual Tanya Morgan's who have been very good humored about our use of their name and heard some of the most amazing stories about my music from how a song has saved a relationship, started a relationship, got a person thru losing everything to katrina and even helped them in iraq.

yo, seriously i never sit back and look at all the shit that we have accomplished cus im too busy trying to one up myself but surfin the net made me realize man, ive been cataloged, archived and stored online (and off) forever. i mean its crazy to think that anybody knows me or sees fit to have a picture of me but to know that there is somebody walking around who takes to heart my advice or believes in me that i have never met is just, well its indescribable to be honest. and people wonder why its so hard for me to commit and im so quick to drop everything for this shit?

ive worked at alot of places and i see alot of people who didnt get to pick their passion, they just became passionate about something that was delagated to them.* people pile their problems on you and you have to care about their bottom line becaue it affects your bottomline. ive resigned to not caring because outside of health, family (i dont have friends, only family you are in or out) and god nothing else matter but this and i will protect it as such. yeah its just music and im not gonna kill myself tryna 'make it happen' but im also not gonna kill myself by understating its importance and pretending like its just some bullshit i mess around with. nah b, its my life. thats why i got mad at *them and didnt do that verse for **you and why i get uneasy/quiet in conversations with ***you, because i dont think any of yall know just how much *the descisions you made affected me, **how much you offended me, and ***how much those constraints you place affect and burden me.

i aint mean to get all emo on yall, im honestly just getting back in my BROOKLYNATI headspace. we got a few working demos up and are trying to get it squared for the big studio by the end of the year. we are working on something special over here and im sure you will enjoy it.

all this to say thank you metadata, thank you tagging, thank you web 2.0 and thank you internet surfer; you just validated the shit outta me today and its well appreciated. in the meantime keep supporting us, cus i for one desperately need the inspiration.

okay i gotta get back to pretending like i care...

*i hope this isnt rubbing any of you anonymous 9 to 5 blog readers the wrong way. i have been in and am in your shoes.


exclusivelyexclusive said...

This was beautifully put. Who wants to leave this earth not doing what god put them ehre to do? It's about fulfilling your purpose in life. And you've already begun doing this, as evidenced by how your music is affecting people. Great post.

P.S. You have on Knicks sneakers and a Yankees t-shirt. I think that's a crime.

Donald Williams said...

those aren't knicks... they are san juan's

ahpuertoRIcoo.. HOOOOOOOOOOO

exclusivelyexclusive said...

No one cares about Puerto Rico. Just kidding.

Layle said...

I like the emo donwill. Women are into all that. What you describe is what I refer to as Legacy. Do what you love now with the hope that one day it will matter to others. If it already matters then you're ahead of the curve.

Add me to the list of people it matters to. Believe it or not there are real hip hop fans keeping their ears to the street and listening.

Donald Williams said...

now that you mention it the red dont match the red in the shirt at all.. SO WHAT NIGGA I WAS FLY

where is your old blog witht he g unit goons at?

exclusivelyexclusive said...

I'm glad you recognize your non-matchingness. But you're right, you still looked nice.

And the old blog is gone, extinct. I shut it down, I couldn't keep up with all the stuff I needed to comment on. You know, Mike Vick electrocuting dogs, Jay-Z hittin Rihanna, it was too much. linked to my site and there were so many views and I just couldn't be bothered with the up keep. But those G-Unit fans were riding really, really hard. Like they wanted to kill me or something. That's why I think 50 might win on 9/11; his fans are ridiculous.

DjERM said...

this inspired me man

aeon? said...

true that. @ jerm

i had these feeling a few of times, like when Il's brother(?) kept talking about how much he loved walk my way.

i was like damn.

i need that feeling again!

aeon? said...

btw minusbaby has some really dope shots.

Sandy said...

thank you for reminding me of my worth.

'preciate it.

Janet said...

In case you are wondering, you are still the most viewed in my flickr

Angie said...

SEEEEE there! Great post, Donny, Don, Don.

Pea! said...

& in the end thats all that matters...

when i had hit you up like "rapping is wack" i wasn't in a defeatist mood i was more on some "we just gotta do it for me/us" ish and needed someone to tell it to.

when brooklynati is finally finished its gonna be the biggest goal accomplished in my life thus far. if we can pull off what we see/hear in our minds then i dont need any other validation beyond "we did it"-us

Anonymous said...

THis one


nickels said...

*head nod*