Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Look familar?

I stil get a kick outta walkin past this place. But now that I know
where this is and what the upper west side is jerry was cakey. But he
was white in nyc cakey. No cars or flat screens but his real estate was
really real.


Ms. Machete said...

Um yeah..that's how you can tell you ain't from New York! haha...

Me said...

that was just the camera outside shot, the show was filmed in LA.

But neither here nor there, Jerry is bout his paper.

Donald Williams said...

i know they shot alot of the show on a soundstage, just like i know that the cosby's brooklyn home that they would flash stationary shots of was not in brooklyn, i hear it was over by nyu's campus (that area of town)

still is a cool ass thing to get to look at for a seinfeld junkie