Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Can you find me?

Click the picture and find these rappers:
Von Pea
Che Grand
Spec Boogie
Fresh Daily


*shoutout to MecZilla for a smashing good time :)


David said...

all i gotta say is...
3 rows down, 2 pics in


Donald Williams said...

fam.. you know that the pictures shuffle everytime you view? lol

i dont think that guy you are :)~'ing is that cute

naux haux maux

David said...

i didnt realize that. LMAO.
curly liteskinned with the big highbeam eyes

Donald Williams said...

she *ahhight*


Sandy said...

Why'd they pick that pic of me? hate it. Ok hate is strong. Don't like it so much.

Donald Williams said...

its a nice picture. you look so pleasant and charming. like you give money to every homeless person you see even if you dont have it to give

Sandy said...

you've obviously never seen me giving one legged mothers with their 40 kids in tow the mean ice grill on the A.C.E...