Thursday, August 02, 2007

don dot com

will look nothing like this site i just linked

not seriously but if you tried to tune in yesterday you may have been redirected to a page. This is because im the proud owner of (there is obviously nothing there) and i tried to get my blog to host at my domain. Needless to say it didnt work, but ive got all weekend to figure it out. I was trying to buy donwill, dondub or donaldwilliams (.com) but they are all taken so i kinda was forced to buy the name mcdayjob which i was very reluctant to do, dont believe me just ask filthy. So in a fit of buyers remorse and inspiratoin I also ended up buying (for reasons that i will explain at a later date)

Yeah so ummm i forgot to mention that outside of user based knowledge and a basic understanding of webdesign i know NOTHING of setting up a site and/or how to build one. i have to find a webhost? like pay for monthly space on somebodies server now right? i didnt know that lol, well i did but i forgot about it. I guess im gonna stumble around til i figure it out. I do know that im very interested in setting up a wordpress blog and i dont know why. I love this place and all and i dont plan on abandoning it but i feel like if im gonna start new im gonna start over in a sense. Maybe its the coffee talking.

you may be wondering just what the hell does don need a website, no two websites for? well i guess you will have to stay tuned if you want to know that cus i dont know if i feel like divulging such informations at this point in time, muhahahah. just know that i got plans involving art, music and fashion. it can almost be considered a consolidation of sorts. no this will not be some glorified blog styled streetwear/music-streaming 'hey look how current i am i know all the latest pop news' website.

ill be back to ramble on about it in a little while but while im here id like to shout out east village radio's 'no hoes bored' crew for letting us come thru plug up our ipods and play a few songs. i dont remember what exactly was played but i know these were:

tanya morgan - at it again
omgz - if you
che grand - crash
spec boogie - ???
red giants - they say
tanya morgan - bout to be some
tanya morgan feat piakhan - i am
a few cuts from welcome to loud minority
tanya morgan - funny ass hats

if you missed it run over to and find the no hoes bored show and add the podcast, or just click here and enjoy :) we were pretty damn drunk and im feelin the burn right now...


gmFb said...

WOW if you got run? lol
that jawn still got placenta on it

Donald Williams said...

complete with the 'PURSUEATALLCOSTS!!' that sounds funny as shit...

we ate that beat for lunch (literally) and i just had to share it


Sandy said...

Do you remember impersonating Cam'ron?

you turned a phrase too. It was pretty witty. Can't remember what you said though.


Donald Williams said...

i impersonated cam'ron too? i know i did lil wayne and kanye


i need an mp3 of this

Fresh Daily said...

no "Lifes Pie?"

people been hitting me up about that.

I didnt even know that was Che on the chorus at

Donald Williams said...

i was gonna play it but von was tired of my drunk antics and the dj's wanted to spin

ive got HOURS of music man, i didnt even play any suburban sprawl or flyguys shit either