Thursday, August 30, 2007

the internet is just like tv

this is the only show that is on today. its like when the president gives a speech and you are forced to watch it. in case you didnt know kanye's album leaked today/last night and he has officially taken up the bandwith everywhere.

but the thing that kidna makes me think this is more marketing than leaking is that the leak is a clean version of the lp. like any dj on any station in america who has a show that drops exclusive can play the whole damn album if they want, furthermore nobody is going to seriously bump a clean version in leiu(sp?) of buying a dirty retail. that kinda makes me feel like it was decided to flood the internets with an approved leak cus it was gonna be out there anyway, at least this way its really a promo. like a clean version is the same as a watermarked version in my eyes, nobody buys a damn clean version on purpose.

yes i have heard it and i do have a first impression opinion but im not gonna give it to yall. why? because i have only heard it once in full and i havent heard it in its intended sequence, i know mr west works hard on his music so i think it deserves more than some knee jerk review you know? and i been anticipating this joint for a minute so im def gonna give it the ear it deserves. if you want it its not hard at all to find, google it

i have a funny feeling 50's is not far behind and i actually saw something on the bit torrents that resembled the retail version...

thats all i got to say about that

in other news lessondary radio is on schedule as usual to help you get thru your workday. no we didnt play any of the leak but we did play alot of other good stuff. that you can groove to...

check us out:

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Length: 51:50

Featuring new and old music by: Busta rhymes, Oddissee, tupac, Janelle monae, Ugk, jean grae, the talking heads, kanye west, kenn starr, queen latifah, a tribe called quest, musiq, pharrell & the yessirs, lil wayne, amerie, blu+exile



exclusivelyexclusive said...

All I have to say is KANYE KANYE KANYE!

I really hope 50 loses this war. I can't stand him for various reasons. But he's so confident that he'll win that I think he has a trick up his sleeve we don't know about. I mean, the pre-orders on his album are so much lower than Kanye's yet, he continues to insist he'll win. Maybe he's gonna take some of that vitamin water $$ and buy up a whole bunch of his own albums. Watch. You'll see. LOL.

P.S. My office is currently listening to the Lessondary. The bosses are out of town.

exclusivelyexclusive said...

P.P.S. Talking Heads is the truth.

tia said...

aww man i thought y'all were really playing that grover song. grover sings the blues was the first album i ever owned.

sophistiphunk said...
i think the bad re-enactment players put it perfectly!

Pea! said...

albums dont leak on wednesday nights...they did it themselves