Wednesday, August 29, 2007

anybody know anything about sellin cars?

(not my car but one just like it)

furthermore, do you know about selling cars that you are still making payments on? technically its not even yours to sell cus the bank still owns it but you can transfer the payments but its all kinda muckity muck you gotta go thru to get it done. I'ma have to figure it out quick tho. Don't get me wrong i LOVE my car and its been nothing but good to me and i always said 'i dont understand how a person could lease a car' well now i get it, in full. Buying a car is probably the worst investment you can make next to drugs or a prostitute. Well back in my college years i would not have agreed with the whole drugs = bad investment thing and even in some instances today its still not the worst way to spend your money (btw folks alcohol is a drug lol) but prostitution is a horrible way to spend your cash. im not equating goin to the strip club with paying for sex (thats unless you are one of those messy pants patrons who turns a lap dance into assisted masturbation) but the only time i have ever felt like making it rain off in the strip club was worth the setback was in vegas. i mean the joints i hit up in atlanta, colorado, michigan etc. were cool* but being in vegas grants you some kind of immunity from all rational thought. but i digress...

the two longest paperwork signings** i've ever attended were closing on my house and purchasing my car. my mom was there for both cus she has experience and the one she warned me against was the car. land is and always will be a sound investment, shit if i could cop a few parcels of land in the middle of nowhere i would just to have land. i mean they aint makin no more land at all, get it while you can. buying a car tho? dummy move, you literally lose a few thousand dollars worth of value as soon as the wheels touch the pavement, furthermore modifications you make to the vehicle actually detract from its value. think about that next time you see one of them headrest dvd, tinted out, candy pain chrysler 300M's rollin around.


damn i lost my point... OH YEAH, i wanna sell my car. not that i plan on being in NY for the rest of my life and dont think i need it but its just not meshing well with my lifestyle right now. although i am known for making very rash and drastic decisions, buying that particular car was kinda a rash decision. my interest rate is high as shit and i didnt shop around at all, i just bought the first car that i felt was right. considering i didnt have time to shop around...


okay the point that im trying to make is between my car insurance and car note im walking a very fine financial line that even with a decent paying job i cant really afford. sometimes i wonder how i even maintained my belongings, it may look all good but trust me, it aint. so yeah thats my work for september, sell my car and stop paying them dui insurance rates.

in other news last night was elucid's smash n grab release party. i had a pretty good time and stayed out past my bedtime so now im payin for it. if you dont got it you need to get it not only because its free but because it is probably the most impressive mixtape from a new artist to drop in a while, i dont say that as a colleague i say it as a fan. please stop sleeping....

dayjob sidenote: one of the guys at the j.o.'s name is Curtis, he is a really respected intellectual braniac type of dude off in another country and here at the j.o. too but every time i see his name or see him all i hear in my head is CUUUUUUUUUUUUURTIS!!! (c) cam'ron
dayjob sidenote part duex: I KEEP SEEING THIS GUY!!!!
random sidenote: who the HELL enjoys iced coffee? room temperature coffee is gross, i dont see how ice can make that taste any better.

*damn for a guy who doesnt like strip clubs i have been to ALOT of strip clubs :/
**i wonder what signing a record deal is like... hrmmmm lol
***vlog = video blogging: posting short video clips instead of text


Sandy said...

1) So instead of calling you an alkie... should I be thinking of you as a druggie?

2) lol@messy pants patrons

3) signing the BIG RECORD CONTRACt...
*hard sigh*
TEEEEE DEEEEE OOOOOOOUUUUUUS. I would say you don't really wanna go through that, but, sadly, I wish you would.

good luck seeling your car.

exclusivelyexclusive said...

It's not hard to sell your car while you're still making payments on it. I did it several years back.

First thing to do is call the bank and ask how much money you still owe on the car, then consult the kelly blue book guide online to determine how much your used car is actually worth. Hopefully, it's worth as much or more than the amount you still owe on it. If not, you're going to have to supplement the money you get from selling the car with some of your own $$ to pay off the bank.

There are a number of online sites you can use to sell your car--just google around--I used Yahoo's car site and that's where I found my buyer.

Also, google around and you can find a contract template to use when you sell your car to the new buyer. You need something in writing to show the transfer of the title, etc. I also recommend that you find out from your bank what their wire transfer account # is, so you can just wire your pay off to the bank. This way there is no chance of anything getting lost in the mail. Also, make sure you get a cashier's check from the person you're selling the car to, no personal checks! Hope this helps.

Donald Williams said...

exclusivly exclusive...

fam im not sayin this to be funny but you know everything nad i LOVE you for it.. no homo homi.

like are you a wikipedia based response system? either way good lookin out man

im copy pastin that shit into gmail RIGHT now..

shit i may need your email address lol

exclusivelyexclusive said...

Don't worry Donald, I'm a woman--so no "no homo" needed. And I do know a lot. I'm like the Oracle. Just playing.

Also, I listened to the Vain Glorious cuts on your myspace page and it is really good. Inspired me to put on some X-Clan last night. Good stuff.

thatdudedave said...

the way to get rid of car that you still owe money one of your friends to take that shit on a drive....burn that shit and call
the insurance....
so you can get back all that DUI insurance you have been payin....
im just sayin tho

Donald Williams said...

yo dave...

i have seriously thougth about and considered this but dont think the potential jailtime for insurance fraud is a good look

i seriously wish somebody would jsut steal it sometime :/


exex you are a girl? why was i thinkking you were a dude all this time lol my bad... vainglorious is one of those projects that is just kinda outthere, if you got it coool, maybe ill post up a full download later

Anonymous said...



Nichole said...


thanks for that info.
i needed it, too.

*head nod*