Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ahhh where was I? Oh yes (c) EPMD

Kids in the Hall
(i didnt have my camera and i aint citing the source of this photo, sup johnny!)

you wanna know how rap collaborations happen? me too lol. nah but for real tho, alot of times they are born of just being around other artists. its almost a no brainer, phonte and oddissee's red bull recording marathon is the blantant example that popped into mind. yeah you have the label sanctioned ones of course but most times its just like goin to the club. you either pregame with niggas or you meet em at the party. that made sense right? like pregaming is hangin out and rolling together while meetin em at the party is just that. the party being a vague metaphor for the success, industry, your discography or whatever have you...

any way last night me and von went way up to harlem (the furthest id ever been on the train :/) to kick it with double 0 and naledge. they were hard at workin recording some songs for a top secret project that i aint about to talk about and also took some time out to let us hear a few select songs from the class participation ep/lp that they are dropping in the near future (niggas are SO not ready). we hung out for a while, chopped it up about everything you can possibly imagine and rolled out. those are some good dudes man and they got their hustle game in tact and action. we didnt record anything but dont worry, soon come. right double 0? lol

i woke up to a very rainy day in nyc and my nice 12 duane reed umbrella (that i bought to replace my NICE 25 dollar golf umbrella that got stolen on my birthday) has died. rest in piece. i didnt like it that much no way, guess ill be goin to get another one today cus its NASTY out there. I misss the midwest rain tho, cus midwest rain has this feeling of finality. like it can shut your day DOWN via tornado or superstrong winds. i think im homesick and have been for a minute but thats a whole nother subject that i aint willing to discuss.

aside from the raptastic late nights and craptastic weather, the real news of the day is that my 30gig ipod is almost full so that means i have to delete something, soon. i mean i still got the 1gig scratch ipod but i dont like carrying it, not enough music. the messed up part is that alot of the stuff on my ipod was prior to gettin a backup harddrive so i never saved anything, i just upload and delete. you know its really hard to respect an mp3 cus you know if you need it again you can just go get it from kasoulwirebasester but its the sheer volume of shit on there. ill make my edits wisely but sheesh what happens when i fill up again?

oh yeah and i dont think we are going to be doing song of the month anymore, we gotta focus our recording energy on Brooklynati. i will make a formal announcement to our myspace loyalists later, shit ilyas dont even know yet lol...

my insides hurt, i need a vegetable bad... :/ damn you chinese take out, damn you. I GET STEAMED BROCCOLI AND WHITE RICE!! but almost doesnt count, just ask brandy. oh yeah and i cuss entirely too much. that sh!t has got to stop!

ill be back


Sandy said...

lol@need a vegetable bad.

poor you.

Anonymous said...

there are softwares that will allow you to transfert the music from your ipod to any computer.


aeon? said...

^^^ yes there ares.
yes there is.

Donald Williams said...

i really dont like installing progs to my cpu... ill investigate tho

Anonymous said...

transfert. granted, it's a typo but I like that one.


Anonymous said...


some greens will set you straight

drea said...

the rain is wack. The rain straight shitted on my area last night.

And careful with that chinese food man.

I'm feelin this blog, thanks for puttin me on to it.