Tuesday, August 21, 2007

3 nominations at the ohio hip hop awards

Best Group - Best Album - Best Video
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look what i stumbled across over at okayplayer. the best part about it is that i know alot of the artists we are up against personally. its kinda cool to see statewide unity like this cus believe it or not there is a scene in ohio, there has just never been a concerted effort to celebrate it. the only thing is that we dont have a huge presence in ohio or any one region for that matter. for that reason alone the nomination was a surpise to me. we may have been holding down 3 respective cities and i may live in brooklyn at the moment but at the end of the day we rep our corner of the country hard, even von does in honor of his comrades so it makes sense. guess we had a pretty big impact that is still resonating apparently, makes me feel pretty good.

although the last award we got nominated for we didnt win it seems that ohio and the ppl who care about music are pretty proud of and following our achievements. thats important to me, very important. unfortunately i dont think id be able to make it to the ceremony to collect our statue/plaque and im fairly certain ilyas won't either. its not cus we dont wanna be there tho, trust me on that.

okay so now i gotta blast this eform over the internets and try to get ppl to vote... wish us luck!


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Congratulations, man. I been followin Von Pea's career for a minute and am glad that he and the rest of your group are doing well. Hopefully, y'all will take this award home.