Thursday, August 23, 2007


yesterday me and von rolled over to caroline's* offices to partake in the little brother listening session. should i talk about the album or the event? lets see...


we rolled up and and bumped into illmind, naturel and maria outside the offices and once inside bumped into everybody. all the players, all the hustlers (east point in the house!!) nembutdemlacs... torae, skyzoo, fwmj (, pikasso, sha money xl, jerry barrows and both of the dan's (okayplayer and fat beats). there was also a baller ass spread of meats and cheeses, some of which ive never seen before in my life. tay and dho rolled thru to welcome erybody and pooh showed up at the end. it was good seein them boys again man. aside from friends they continue to serve as inspiration and mentors for me personally so it was sorta like a small scale reunion.

i wont go thru the whole off the hip mini lp review thing but i will say this: denaun porter aka mr porter is THE one to watch.** i think little brother loyalists and wont be upset, them casual fans is the ones you gotta watch anyway. yall will see.

but enough about that, i had this whole blog mapped out in my mind and i was gonna touch on being true to yourself and honest at all times because at the end of the day thats whats important but on the real i dont even feel like doin the whole 'the more you know' thing with yall today. maybe later, no definitely later. i think im gonna sign off now and go about the business of being in business, i.e. keeping the lights on. cryptic? good, posed ta be sucka.

oh btw...


(again che man, my bad. i feel horrible homie :/)

*the record distribution company
**tay if you readin this hookitUP!


The Mixtape said...

CAN'T wait for this right here. Shit is gonna be dope I bet. Read Von's post on MySpace bout it, he hit us with some pretty good clues.

Still waitin for the full-on LB/TM collabo though. That would be some real hotness. Some LOTNS/ATCQ "Scenario" shit right there.

Donald Williams said...

that would be one long ass song lol, well scenario had 5 mc's on it right? hrmmmm...

i think im gonna dedicate an entire post to the art of collaborations. not discussing good/bad collaborations but more like all the canoodling that has to go into making them come into fruition..

btw yes.. the LB lp is incredible