Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The interviews for this position are starting

and the craziest part about it is that the candidats sit DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME. i get to watch this parade of replacements as i do the job they are interviewing for, hell for all intents and purposes its my job.

i never gave backstory did i? well i kinda think w/out the backstory it makes it more interesting. seeing this fresh faced guy in his suit sit and wait for his number to be called kinda threw me off and as soon as he walked in i IMMEDIATELY fired up the blog. It made me remember when i came in and how nervous i was and how subsequently BAD i did in my interview but how i guess i did well enough to be blogging from the desk for a position i didnt apply for.

actually here is the entry where i *BOMBED* for the job (if you click bombed it will take you there) in the entry i said i think i did pretty well, but thats only cus the lady was so receptive to my bombing. basically when asked if i have an interest in the asian culture (its an organizatino that does work for and with the asian culture) i in a nutshell said 'no i just need a job, really bad actually because ive been here temping for 7 months and i need stability' that was damn near verabatim. the woman looked shocked but she smiled.

so we are back at today and im sittin here drinkin my stolen coffee (im a klepto) and eating my daily bagel. im gonna knock out som of the work they are payin me fore and im going to also knock out some work that i hope to pay myself for.

my biggest personal task for the day is 'what do i name my website?' i am thinking www.donaldwilliams.com that has a nice ring to it right? anybody got any ideas? maybe ill take this one to the people over at TOS to decide.

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Anonymous said...

Are you going to fight for this job, or will you let this one slip by like that earlier temp situation?

Quit the bellyaching and blogging and go fight for your kushy Bobjob.