Wednesday, May 09, 2007

i envy ppl who work from home

like seriously SERIOUSLY envy you. maybe someday i can go into full on NY hipster mode and generate income from my apt only to leave for coffee and like household shit.

there are so many loose ends to sew up musically that i can literally spend all day doing things like its a full time job. its just not generating *much* money. i wont say its not generating any but its not generating much

but like taking a quick work break to walk down the street for coffee and enjoying the sun on your way KILLS runnin down to the second floor for a salad and not having any windows.

im not at liberty to tell you what is in the works fully but we may be seeing yall again real soon, i just hope the bottom doesnt cave in on me. and the t's may be comin in black soon. im talkin to uproot about it right now.

other than that there is a whole lot of nothing goin on, background shit that is interesting as hell. a whole lot of background shit actually, some of which is worth rejoicing and some of which is really heartbreaking but it is what it is man, its business right?

all i do know is its relatively safe to say BROOKLYNATI will have at least 1 very VERY special guest that NOBODY will expect but makes a whole helluva lotta sense in the grand scheme of things. i wont begin to let the cat out of the bag until his vocals are turned in but its safe to say he is doing them.

yeah im vague as hell, yeah nobody knows what im talkin about...blah blah blah.

in other news i got a job interview on tuesday...

ill let yall gone head and marinate on that


The Write Brother said...

If y'all touring... I want in!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

man, if I play my cards right I'll be working from home AND getting a raise in less than a month. I can't fucking wait.

Donald Williams said...


if you are who you think you are i hate you, HATEHATEHATE.

if you are NOT who i think you are i really hate you

f12 said...

i feel u on that workng from homeish... like what do the ppl that shop everyday and spend their days at the park w/ their dogs and/or kids do??? I want THAT job!