Thursday, May 10, 2007

a message to the people who tape tm

so once again the shirts are *almost* gone, which is phenomenal news for me and the money i spent on pressing them up.

i sincerely want to thank the people who have supported me in this endeavor. for a guy who has no savings and NO job to even think about spending bill money on some shit like this is kinda crazy. but the fact that they are doing so well is rather reassuring. Keep in mind von pea, ilyas and the rest of the crew (i see you spec and che) have not got one yet, shit with the exception of von i dont even think they have seen the shirts in person!

UPROOT can only handle runs of 30 at a time and more importantly i can only finance 30 so thats why they are coming in spurts like that. But at the rate that preorders are going (with no kinda real marketing whatsoever) i think that this is all i can handle for now. i look for things to pick up with the next shipment, probably less of a time lapse between orders so that i can increase my inventory.

and i will have black t's soon too, white on black t's with the iconic red cassette joint on it, you gotta love it.

but seriously yall thanks for the support. It lets me know that we still got people on our side, rootin for us. We are in a unique situation to not really have any sort of major backing and not so great distro but we still have a foothold. Thats incredible to me in todays climate because everything is so fly by night and forgettable. Like i always said i jsut wanted to be respected for my music and to be able to sustain a living off of it. the sustaining a living part is a work in progress BUT the respect is duly noted and appreciated man.

okay imma stop being sappy and go buy my moms a card or some shit


Sandy said...

You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

right on right on
Im hyped for the show tonight only thing is there are like 800 crappy people on before you guys. Anyway I will be there in full TM mode.

Bam - Goebbels of the Morganites
AKA Minister of Propaganda

The Write Brother said...

Put me down for an Xl in black when you get 'em.

Angie said...

I LOOOOVE my shirt!!!