Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I write the songs....

so since ive been mc dayjobless ive been doin a few things

- handling the shirt biz which is goin pretty well i may add. i think it is anyway, the preorder game is kinda vicious and id like to thank you all for your support on that bartles and james shit
- bloggiiiiin! a lil bit here and there, hiphopdx tho. i still love yall but you know... i gotta be there too.
- accepting food donations... :o) awesomeness!
- did a show in philly and debuted 2 new songs, the people LOVED em!

and as usual recording. i did my verse for EMC and i did something else that i cant remember. i also did one of my L.O.V.E. songs this project is something that nobody will ever hear in life, well at least not the demo's. maybe the finished joints but definitely not the demo's. Basically im writing full on RnB songs and that means i have to sing the reference tracks to give to my vocalist so that she/he can cover the tune and make it sound good. So there is a song on my hardrive with me singing now. i mean i can carry a tune well enough, but when i play this shit i kinda cringe. it just sounds weird to me to hear me singing an original love song that i came up with.

dont ask about em, you wont hear em lol

OH YEAH and its this lil dude tryna buy my phone but his ass is so annoying. how the fuck did he call me from 7:30am until 8:30am NONSTOP. i finally answered nad cussed his ass out on some 'SON YOU AINT GIVIN ME THE PRICE I ASKED AND YOU WONT EVEN COME MEET ME MAN IM DOIN YOU A FAVOR LEAVE A FUCKING VOICEMAIL AND BACK OFF'


this nigga called me and tried to barter from 2 phones using 2 difft voices... throwed off. i aint sellin him shit man he may wanna kill me. nigga askin me to take buses to queens and on some only on his schedule shit. i mean im cuttin him a deal nad he wont back the fuck off. i know he want the phone but shit man, calm your ass down son

anybody wanna buy my phone? ill leave the rapper numbers in it if you like.


Anonymous said...

aww booboo. i wanna hear the songs. i just printed out the stuffed animal picture and will soon compose a masterpiece!

Demond said...

Man Don your killing me. I was just in Philly to see Amy Winehouse, great show. Anyway I would have checked yo guys our in a minute or at least told my Philly crew to fall through. You guys really have to post your shit up so a nigga can know.

Bam - Sandy Koufax of the MORGANITES - Throwin' curves

Sandy said...



Post up the sad ass frog

FireBrand said...

You sell shirts, nigga?