Tuesday, January 23, 2007

okay so my man low key said i aint been doin my blog justice. he said i must be workin my nuggets off since i aint spoke my mind in four days. well me knowing low key he dont care about the fact that i found a temp gig for the week. or that the lady from _n_m_l f__r has money pending or even that i got the majority of my stuff moved into my apartment and i still need a futon mattress, he just wants to hear a music update... so thats what imma give him (you can read on if you want)

so yeah justin (<--ONBLAST) i been recording alot. for both sketchpad and RE:iteration. i have the majority of beats for both lps unless brick/von hit me with something amazing, which im sure they will. its lookin like sketch will be the short lp i dont wanna go over 12 songs and i got most of em written/recorded and the rest of em conceptualized. i dont think ill have any guests on sketch. just me and my vendetta*, while on RE: (dont forget the dots, ill get mad if you do) imma have a few guests i aitn sayin no names until they drop they verses on me but they wont dissappoint, oh and the usual susupects will be along for the ride. i dont know what order i want em to fall in, i just know that i want them to be heard, loved and revered.

sideproject wise i have finally begun compiling the piracy project (i named it that just for you justin) and i only got a few more joints to do to finish that up, im tryna leak that in feb sometime (valentines? i.dont.know i mean it IS a bunch of love songs... OH SHIT THATS THE NEW WORKING TITLE... L.O.V.E songs, dont ask about the acronym, it means shit but it looks good) and im doin one more piracy project focused on a certain artist's solo debut that i consider to be a personal classic. thats gonna take some time to do tho cus i cant really wrap my head around how to do it yet.

and in the infamous collaborations dept im still sittin on the HGD project, but honestly im just kinda blah about it right now maybe the songs are just old to me or maybe there is no glue tying them together but yeah its just kinda stagnant and has been that way (george if you are reading this dont kill me, it'll get back on track)ive also been whittlin away at a side project with my man kay and theARE (you know kay, foundation kay, texas kay) but thats all imma tell you about that (we 1.5 songs in)

and of course tanya is still working. i swear we have at least 15 demo's floating around in various phases of finish. i plan to really just record my ASS off in feb for real...

*my vendetta - ask about it and ill blog about it, maybe



The Jake said...

Ahhhhh! Kay and the ARE! The together brothers!

& said...

Your vendetta?

a lost young man said...

i want a beat on sketchpad!!!

A Brother Named said...

Don't trip off HGD... if you wanna do it, we'll do it... if not, I guess it is what it was. I'm kinda trying to come to grips that it's lost its luster to ya. And given everything else you got jumping, well, yeah... I get it.