Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Donald Duck hates your guts...

You know why? Cus he been there with me since college, waitin for his
moment to shine. Waiting for his era to return but he says yall told him
its over. I mean son gave you some of the best years of your life, and
this is the muthafuckin thanks he gets?

Who you think was here when munny and fatcap where still in the lab
waiting to become polymerized? Donald. Son watched entertainers flood
his business, he watched hammer come thru and dance for his crowd on
saturday mornings. He watched WWF animate its atheletes and take overs.
He even saw toys make the leap to animation, and aint.say.shit.

But now? Oh now the fowl is callin foul and takin all shots associated
with your penalty. And tanya munny and fat cap support his cause.

Watchout world, Donald's comin back for his spot and he aint takin
prisoners. Fall in line or get left behind, either way you aint first.


panzhenjie said...

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& said...

why don't you just delete the spam-a-lam comments?

panzhenjie... with a name like that... folks are bound to know that's bogus.

Do you think people actually click on the links just because a compliment was made?

Anywho... a man with stuffed toys... I admire. So manly. So very manly.

Get y'Donald Duck on... he's been through the fire. He's seen His nephews, uncles... heck even B-list knock offs {Count Duckula hello? Only room for one Duck with a speech impediment, ok?} come up after him.

Time to take the crown back.

Just don't go pantless on stage
{we can have a danceoff!}