Tuesday, January 23, 2007

well since sandy (and JUSTIN over aim haha) asked ill reveal my vendetta:

my vendetta is that i think im a really really REALLY good rapper. call it narcissicm but i sincerely and whole heartedly believe that im just as good as (if not better) than alot of your favorite mc's. i mean aint this how you gotta see it? in order to have the fortitude to even brag on a beat? what if rakim was just like 'yeah im alright and my dj may be able to run for vice president, not president, he certainly cant make you clap to this' or what if jay was just like 'i dont see myself as the king of ny, im more like kinda just you know in the royal court'. no. making assertions about being the best is not only standard fare in rap, but it is possibly the foundation of rapping, feeling like you you have a voice thats worthy of being heard at full volume.

i mean i think im pretty damn dope. im definitive, my cadence is sharp as shit (unless im lazy and even then most ppl cant figure out where i fucked up at), my delivery is nice, my wordplay is crazy, my... i could go on for days. i could also point out things to diminish these strongpoints but my vendetta is about fixing those weakpoints and ultimately becoming undisputed. if not the undisputed best, just undisputed in terms of 'okay that nigga is nice, we cant take that from him'

and its fine if you dont believe that im not the best. im okay with not being your favorite. hell i think NOBODY is fuckin w/ my moms fried chicken and thats fact/law round my parts.

so in a nutshell my vendetta is with the nonbelievers and the casual listeners also. i want them to eat crow, i want them to STFU and listen then pay respect. now i do realize i have no idea who is reading this blog (from friends, to peers, to ppl with the right to sign) and several ppl have told me to stop talkin so reckless here (ONBLAST lol) but honestly this vendetta is something you can hear on ANY one of my songs if you listen to the lyrics.

i could go on and on about it but i think ive said enough. blame the freetime and DJustin (ONBLAST) LOW KEY for sayin i dont blog enough.

**i feel like i may have to delete this entry based on its cocky nature lol, butfuckitfornow


& said...

so 'sandalicious.

Angie said...

'Nuff respect due... ;) You are a hella talented MC! haha....are you the "mad rapper"?

The Jake said...

i think ilyas is pulling his dreads out wherever he may be because of this post