Thursday, December 14, 2006

So far I have decided to do 3 things in 2007:

-Buy a mac laptop for design
-Buy that airbrush gun i been wanting for roughy 10 years
-Go to overseas (people have recommended spain and london i will figure it out soon)

outside of establishing a place of residence this is what i want out of 07.

today i went to the brooklyn musuem and found two new amazing artists to inspire me, first up is Ron Mueck, a sculptor who does these huge hyper realistic sculptures made of fiberglass resin. pictures dont do this guys work any justice you have to see it in person but here are a few jpegs of some things i saw.

The guy in the corner thing is actually like 10 ft tall, and the sleeping head thing is like 6 ft long.

the next artist who i found by accident was Kehinde Wiley here is some of his stuff:

between that and the annie liebovitz exhibit im feeling REALLY inspired right now... google them two artists man. it will change your life


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& said...

oh forgot to say, you might like the "other side #2" exhibit at the Shafazi gallery.

You should check it out before you leave.

Tia said...

i have been wanting to go to spain for the longest, madrid, and bilbao to see the guggenheim. i was supposed to go for christmas break but things happen. i'm gonna try for 07.