Saturday, December 16, 2006

Grindin' you know what I keep in the linin'

A toothbrush and my phone chargers to be specific. Why might ask? Why
carry that with you? Well because last night was officially my first 'oh
shit I have nowhere to stay' night.

I worked it out, where there's a donwill there is a way and I couldn't
just up and bounce cus I had to take an important meeting today.

So now I'm just sittin in my car, waiting on a phone call. I slept at
the homies crib, showered, walked to the diner, took the train to my car
and changed clothes here. Because all my stuff is in my car. My entire
life is in here. Not for long, not for long...


I'm goin back to dc as soon as I get this meeting over with, I aint
tryna be caught out there two nights in a row. Well I got a crash spot
for the most part but I'd much rather go to dc and wait for tuesday to

I'm just lettin my engine run and using the car to charge my phone. I
wanna juice up my ipod usin my laptop and I think I may in a second,
maybe I can put some shit on the nano just to use it. But I kinda wanted
to save that one for the mac I plan on buying.

Oh well, Imma go find something to do. hopefully this meeting is
fruitful, lord knows I need a break.

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