Monday, December 18, 2006

I think I'm getting sick...

Not like theraflu or soup n ginger ale sick. But more like antibiotic
and prescription sick.

A while back I suffered from a severe upper respiratory infection, well
I think its back. Actually I know its back. And there's nothing I can do
about it for now. No health insurance means no prevenative medicine.
Maybe I should drive up to canada for xmas.

Ill prolly go check webmd to see if its anything I can do. And I'm just
assuming that's what this is. I got the same symptoms (ill spare yall
the details)

I also had a dream we signed to another label. It was a weird dream cus
the label was ran by my uncle who hates rap and hates that I pursued it.
Shit at this point I hate that I pursued it.

Imma go self diagnose and medicate...

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& said...


I'm sick too, so I guess I gotta visit

No health insurance either.
What a wonderful world!

You contagious? Not sure if I am. Like to pretend I am, so folks can leave me alone. ;)